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SUPPORT TEAM 19 April 2016
yusup, contact support:
They will advise you on payment options.
yusup 19 April 2016
whether the payment can be via internet banking banks in my area?
sample bank Bank Central Asia from Indonesia. thank you :)
SUPPORT TEAM 12 April 2016
Julius, order the service by link
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NEW Service:  Sony Xperia "Network 0"

without attempting to input the unlock code

Now you can unlock all models of Sony Xperia, who are no more attempts to enter a code. Check attempts to enter the service menu can be, by dialing: *#*#7378423#*#*. If your phone displays a menu:

                                                    {x} network  0___________________{0} network  2
                                                     [хnetwork subset  5________________[х] network subset  0
                                                     [х] service provider  5_______________[х] service provider  0
                                                     [х]Corporate  5_____________________[х] Corporate  0
                                                     [х] sim  0__________________________[х] sim  0

This service will help you

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Reduced prices for Apple iCloud ID restore by IMEI (Find Service)

The service allows you to get information on what email address was registered account iCloud service for example if you have forgotten your Apple ID (user name only, without a password), as well as the name, address and telephone number of the owner, if it was specified when registering an account.

WARNING! This service does not allow to delete the account iCloud service, or restore the account password Apple ID.

This service is connected 2 different server from three different providers:

server#3: all models new price $35 (old price $36)
server#4: all models new price $25 (old price $27)
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NEW Service: Removing iCloud [Clean/Lost/Stolen]: 80-90% SUCCESS

We provide a wide range of services to remove the lock iCloud. In each of the services - their requirements for IMEI and different chances of success, which is reflected in the cost of services. Services with high chances of success are usually much more expensive. This service is different from the other services a high chance for positive results and speed of order processing, as well as reasonable price.

This service has already been tested, and we are pleased to inform you that a real chance to remove the lock from the "fresh"  IMEI are 80-90%. Dates with range from 1 to 7 working days.
"Fresh" is considered to be the only one IMEI, from which no one has ever tried to remove the lock. If your device is locked and you have not tried to remove the lock by other services or server - this service will solve this problem as soon as possible.
If you have previously ordered through other servers or services removing lock, when ordering this service your chances of success are significantly reduced to 30-40%.
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Reduced prices for unlock codes for Samsung

Reduced price for unlock codes for Samsung. Base codes for Samsung work very well, without any delay on terms. If you have the option to enter the unlock code, you can place your order by selecting the appropriate base. If you are not sure in the choice of database, consult the support

For information about entering codes can be viewed at the link

Samsung Asia new price $ 31 (old price $ 35)
Samsung South America new price $ 31 (old price $ 35)
Samsung Canadian Rogers, Fido, Telus, Koodo, Bell new price $ 28 (old price $ 35)
Samsung WorldWide new price $ 32 (old price $ 35)


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BLACKLIST Servers in the service: AT&T USA iPhone unlock

Connect new servers that support the unlocking IMEI which are blacklisted because of a contract or debt from the operator USA AT & T. Through these servers can unlock any model 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s +. iPhone SE model also supported. The chances of success - 95%. Average time - 6 working days.

server#4: 4/4S/5/5C/5S BLACKLIST 

server#6: 6S/6S+/SE BLACKLIST 

After unlocking the phone will have a status neverlock it can be upgraded to the latest version of the OS, it will be activated on any GSM SIM card.

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New service: Unlock iPhone Tracfone by IMEI

Connect service for full unlock iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S + from the operator  Tracfone USA. Unlocking is carried out remotely by IMEI, after which the phone will be unlocked forever.

If in the check result Apple iPhone info by IMEI  there is a line:  Next Tether Activation Policy Description: US TracFone Locked Policy, you can place your order.


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BLACKLIST Servers in the service: Unlock UK O2 / Tesco iPhone

Connect new servers that support the unlocking IMEI which are blacklisted from the operator UK O2/Tesco. Through these servers can unlock contract phones, with the debt or in the mode lost/stolen. iPhone SE model also supported. It can be ordered through a server 6.

server#4: 4/4S/5/5C/5S BLACKLIST  total price 60$
server#5: 6/6+ BLACKLIST  total price 70$
server#6: 6S/6S+ BLACKLIST  total price 75$

After unlocking your phone will be unlocked forever to work with SIM cards of any other operator in the world.

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NEW Service: Removing iCloud [only for models iPhone 4/4S/5]

This service is designed to remove iCloud Lock for iPhone model 4/4S/5 in Clean/Lost/Stolen mode. If your iPhone will prompt you for a login and password, which you do not know, then you can order this service.
Supported only model iPhone 4 /4S/5! The chances of success when ordering this service - about 30%, maximum - 50%. Removing the lock in this service is carried out by IMEI and data Apple ID.
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NEW Server in the service: Removing iCloud [Clean/Lost/Stolen]

This service can remove iCloud lock by IMEI and data Apple ID of the former owner. Remove the lock is possible with of any devices, including those that listed as lost or stolen. If you have forgotten your login and password or have bought / used device with enabled iCloud lock, this service will help unlock it. The chances of this service for the successful removal dated 30% up to 50%.

In case of cancellation the money will automatically return to your balance. But if the lock was not removed, repeat order through the same server should not be. In this regard was connected a new server from another provider. This server is recommended for the IMEI, for which was received the cancellation.

server # 3: all models is working by IMEI and data Apple ID. Terms of order execution - from 1 to 10 working days.

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NEW Price for the service: AT&T USA iPhone unlock

Attentionthe price for unlocking iPhone BLACKLIST is reduced !!! It supports all models and reasons of the black list!

server#1: all models BLACKLIST  new price 60$   (71$ old price)

We can unlock any model, including model Blacklist - these are models to which the operator were financial claims (unpaid contract) or the phone is lost/stolen. After unlocking your phone will be unlocked forever to work with SIM cards of any other operator in the world. To order model, which is listed on the blacklist, you can select from the dropdown list select the server # 1: all models BLACKLIST. The chances of success - 99% The average time on the server - 7 working days.

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