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yiyyvbm 07 ноября 2015
forget my ID or passwordforget my ID or password
ahme******************** 31 августа 2015
Hi Icant Pay With Any way frpm this please add paypal
effa******************* 21 июля 2015
My huawei ascend y220 was unlocked successfully...good job!!!
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DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1220

Great news! Update for DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1220 is available. 

With this program you can unlock Phones, Modems and Routers

DC-Unlocker Logs, Credits, Activations


Huawei Ascend D2
Huawei Ascend G610
Huawei Ascend G730 (MTK And Qualcomm CPU)
Huawei Ascend P2
Huawei Ascend Y330
Huawei Bucare
Huawei C199
Huawei Emobile GL07S
Huawei U9700L

No root, no ADB, No Bootloader code required.


Huawei E3370
ZTE ZM8620

You can discuss news at a forum


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NEW PRICE for service Remove password Apple ID - the result of 100% SUCCESS

Attention, the price of the service is reduced !!!

Now the cost of this service is only $ 130 ($ 165 old price)

Service to remove the lock iCloud to iPhone, iPad [even without LTE] - 100% guaranteed results! This service is designed to remove the lock or iCloud "Find My iPhone" (Apple ID) if you forget or do not know Apple ID or password (for example you bought a used mobile phone or tablet). The service helps to circumvent the protection Activate Lock. This service is 100% guaranteed removes lock iCloud by IMEI!

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NEW SERVICE: Removing Samsung ID Lock by IMEI

Service to remove the lock Samsung ID Lock will help you access your account by IMEI Samsung devices. After execution of the order to remove the Samsung ID Lock you will get User ID & Password, with which can independently remove the lock. 

After removing the account, all the data stored in it will be lost forever. Remote recording can not be restored: the application, information about downloads, downloads history and so on will be erased forever.


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Added new unlock: Orange Moldova iPhone


The service is fully unlock the iPhone from the operator Orange Moldova.  After unlocking the phone can be upgraded to any version of the OS. Your phone will be unlocked forever to work with SIM cards of any other operator in the world. Unlock carried out remotely.

SUPPORTED MODELS: iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5
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NEW SERVICE: unlock from Japan Au / Kddi iPhone

Added a new service to unlock the iPhone by the Japanese operator Au \ Kddi! The service is full-unlock model 4,4s, 5,5s, 5c, 6,6 + iPhone from the operator Au / Kddi Japan. It supports all models, including the Blacklist. After unlocking your log checking by IMEI in strokeNext will be Tether Policy Information: 2305 - Japan KDDI Blocked Policy No Relock
Guaranteed unlocking -100%
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NEW SERVICE: Removing Apple ID iCloud  [Clean Lost Erased Stolen] 50/50% SUCCESS

Chances are remote locking 50%

Refunds in case of failure is guaranteed!
This service is designed to remove the lock iCloud to any phone in the mode of Lost / Erased / Stolen. If your iPhone, iPad or iPod asks for a username and password, you do not know, with the help of this service you can solve this problem. It supports all models of iPhone and all iPad, iPod in any state (including those without the GSM module).
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NEW PRICE for service USA Sprint iPhone

Attention, unlocking cost the models from the blacklist (Blacklisted) from the operator Sprint USA lowered !!!
New prices for unlock:

server # 1: 4s 5 5c 5s BLACKLIST price is only $ 60 ($ 79 the old price)

server # 2: 6, 6+ BLACKLIST price is only $ 110 ($ 129 old price)

 clean IMEI models 5c 5s6, 6+ price is only 35$   (50$ старая цена)

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NEW PRICE for service Apple iCloud ID Find Service - recovery Account iCLoud ID

Please note, the cost of data recovery Apple ID through the server: 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s ALL IMEI (Secondary server) reduced !!!
Now the cost of this service is only $ 24 ($ 28 the old price).
This server can be selected in the drop-down list, select the model. When ordering through this server you will receive:
  • complete data recovery Apple ID;
  • control questions, if they have been given by the previous owner;
  • in rare cases, can be password;
  • the possibility of cancellation in case of incorrect / irrelevant data;
  • the ability to order the service - Removing Apple ID iCloud ANY iPhone, iPad, iPod -  [Clean Lost Erased Stolen] through both the main server and through a server#2_All models or 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s ALL IMEI (Secondary server).


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Added a new base for unlocking Samsung

Base unlock codes for devices made in Vietnamese factory.The service unlocking of mobile phones and tablets Samsung, which were produced at a factory in Vietnam. It supports all models! If the housing of your device by removing the battery, you saw an inscription - Made in Vietnam, you can take advantage of this service. You will receive an unlock code by any operator!
Order service here.
This service operates in automatic mode.
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Added check for Samsung - full information by IMEI

This is a service for full details about Samsung devices by his IMEI. This test will help you if you do not know on what operator, country or region is locked your phone. After ordering this service you will know:  Serial Number, Un Number, Model Number, Model Name, Mоdel Desc, Warranty Status, Purchase Date, Production Date, Manufacturer, Carrier, Sold By ***, Ship To ***.

Order service here.
This service operates in automatic mode.
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