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oni************** 23.09.2014
Unlock my u8815 
FERT********* 19.09.2014
Huawei ascend g510 australia unlock!!!
Serh******** 18.09.2014
Mi teléfono iPhone 5s (Movistar) está ahora trabajando 
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Unlock Alcatel mobile phone from a statement by IMEI

Unlocking a mobile phone Alcatel, locked under one operator, will provide an opportunity to use your smartphone to any other sim-card, regardless of the country.
Order the unlock of Alcatel, you can by the link - 
Alcatel unlock by IMEI
Supported models: 
  • Alcatel OT-A392G; 
  • Alcatel OT-A392A; 
  • Alcatel L100; 
  • Alcatel L800; 
  • Alcatel Y800z; 
  • Alcatel Y800; 
  • Alcatel M800v; 
  • Alcatel Y855; 
  • Alcatel W800z etc.
To unlock Alcatel phone used the NCK code.

We offer 2 great opportunities - earn and get the code for free

1 Earn $ 50.
You should: 
  • Contact the administration of our web site for e-mail - support@imei-server.com;
  • Remove videos as FullHD of the complete process unlock a mobile phone and provide us with a video file. The main condition - good quality, to shoot on a white background, everything should be in focus; 
  • After receiving the file, and the approval of the administration, we will refund the payment for the code and pay the difference, payment is required as a guarantee we get the video.
2 Get the code for free. 
What to do: 
  • Register on the site; 
  • Create a thread in the forum; 
  • In the theme specify the login name on the site, IMEI, phone model and country/operator on which it is locked;
  • Share on exchanger (eg FotoLink.su) picture screen with a request code, and the back of the photo (under the battery), insert a reference to this topic; 
  • After you create a theme to make at least 3 repost in different social sphere, insert links to the topic (tag close HIDE). 

Before placing orders for a free unlock Alcatel sure to check the relevance of the proposal.


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Unlock iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from USA AT&T

If you need to unlock your iPhone 6, 6 Plus from USA operator AT&T, then you have great news!

You can order unlocking by this link – Unlock iPhone AT&T USA

You must first order service:

If your devices which even after the passage of the  procedure full official unlocking AT&T USA by IMEI not available for activation by Itunes because it needs a ZIP code + SSN. So, You can order service by this link - Activation iPhone 5s, 5c, 3Gs, 4, 4S, 5 AT&T


Talk about unblock ATT USA forum


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Update DC-Unlocker client software to version V1.00.1131

Announce the release of an update for the DC-Unlocker client software - version V1.00.1131.
Credits activation and/or logs you can buy on the link - 
Changes and additions in version DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1131: 


  • Huawei E3533; 
  • Huawei Vodafone K5150; 
  • ZTE D6601; 
  • ZTE MTS 430D; 


  • Huawei E5878; 
  • ZTE SoftBank 102Z; 
  • ZTE Vodafone R212-Z; 
  • ZTE MF29; 

3.Customized routers Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia): 

  • Huawei E5372 STC; 
  • Huawei E5372 Mobily; 
  • Huawei E5372 Zain; 

4.Built-in modules: 

  • Asus Eee PC 1003HAG; 


  • ZTE T126; 
  • ZTE T303.
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Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] updated to version v1.96 


Updates and additions to the new version of Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.96: 

1.Improved performance of service operations for WP8x: 

  • Improved ADB Layer; 
  • Improved connection WP8.1 phone in the normal/test mode; 
  • Fixed and improved support for NXP Android; 
  • Improved procedure for Root NXP 2,0; 
  • Updated package Google Apps NXP 2.0; 
  • Improved process safety/backup; 

2.Improved operations with user data: 

  • For S40 (BB5/Xgold618) improved the process of extracting the phone book Phone Book; 
  • For S40 (Xgold213) improved performance of operations Direct/Dump; 
  • For S60 improved mode Forensic; 

3.Database updated NaviManager: 

  • Added all the latest firmware Lumia, MTKx, Asha and NXP; 
  • Added firmware for WP8.1 Lumia "Cyan"; 
  • Revised database; 
  • Supported models NaviManager - 441; 

4.Other fixes: 

  • STUFF updated files; 
  • Updated and revised files Ini; 
  • Many other small fixes and additions. 
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Service of recovery Apple ID (e-mail) may stop working

We announce about malfunctions services of recovery login (e-mail) account Apple ID (iCloud ID) for iPhone, iPad.
The service is still supported, but the timing swim. You can disable services in the near future.
If you do not have time to recover your Apple ID – now is the time, as the service may stop working at any moment.
All prepay service but do not get a result, the money will be refunded according to the rules of the site.
Restore Apple ID (iCloud ID)
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The price for unlocking Sweden Three 3 iPhone was reduced

If you need to unlock your iPhone from the Swedish operator Three 3, then you have great news!
Now unlock iPhone from the operator Sweden Three 3possible at a more affordable price!
You can order unlocking by this link –
Unlock Sweden Three 3 iPhone
If you want test the operator, which is locked on your mobile phone, then click by the link.
Ask questions and leave comments in the topic of forum about unlock iPhone from the operator Sweden Three 3.
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Multi update of software for unlock DC-Unlocker client software

We introduce a multi-pack for DC-Unlocker client software.
Credits, Activations and/or Logs, you can buy by the following link –
Changes and additions in the DC-unlocker multi update:

1. Customized modems:


2. Routers:


3. Customized routers:

  • Huawei E5372 ( Bolt Indonesia) - Unlock without firmware changes, Unlimited with firmware Hisilicon. Guide to unlock Huawei E5372;


4. ZTEMF29 – beta release via the network cable. Added the ability to check a complete transaction history online. Now, users can see the dongle all transactions made using the DC-Unlockers 2007. View transaction history, you can by the link. Instructions on how to view the history of transactions with DC-Unlocker.

Logs and Credits, Activation DC-Unlocker
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Update DC-Unlocker client software to version V1.00.1125

Announce the release of an update for the DC-Unlocker client software - version V1.00.1125.
Credits and Activations/or logs you can buy on the link - 
Changes and additions in version DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1125: 
1. Modem
  • Huawei E3372; 
  • MTS 827F; 
  • Vodafone K3770 (v2); 
  • ZTE Vodafone K5008-Z; 
2. Routers: 
  • Huawei E5330 (including textbook); 
  • Huawei E5336; 
  • MTS 424D; 
  • ZTE MF23 unlock by network cable (tutorial); 
3. Built-ins: 
  • Huawei EM930; 
  • Support for unlocking E5372 Bolt and E3276 Airtel with user account.
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Nokia Network Check - full scan on your smartphone by IMEI

To obtain reliable and complete information on all mobile phone models of Nokia, we offer the service of remote verification.

Nokia Network Check

To order the service and get all the information you need to specify only IMEI number.

Example of log checking:

  • Serial Number : 3536800543****
  • Warranty : NO
  • Care Services :
  • Warranty Class :
  • Product Type : RM-820
  • Sales Model : Nokia Lumia 920
  • Product Code : 059L848
  • Start of Warranty :
  • End of Warranty :
  • Ship-to Customer # : NOKUS48
  • Ship-to Country : United States
  • Sold-to Customer # : NOKUS48
  • Sold-to Country : United States
  • Factory Simlock : Y
  • CARRIER details : RM-808 VAR ATT BLACK
  • Software Version : 1232.2109.1242.1001
  • Repairs : Repair Date :
  • Primary Fault :


You can discuss service of Nokia Network Check on the forum by clicking the link.


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Restart Unlock iPhone Orange France BLACKLIST


Restart server for Unlock iPhone Orange France BLACKLIST

Itc limited time service ! 

dont know when stop accept new IMEI


Send your IMEI and get them fast unlocked


Order here http://www.imei-server.com/product-616-france-orange-iphone.html


Support ALL models 5c 5s 5 4s 4


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