How know what operator locked iPhone and SIM Lock status by IMEI? 10.01.2011 01:00

What operator locked your iPhone?

Often the question arises:
How can an operator Apple iPhone for those users who want to unlock your iPhone from GSM operator but does not know or have doubts about the exact origin of your phone to a specific network mobile operator.

Before purchasing, users are often the question arises: How do I know SIM Lock status of the iPhone or how to find out who is locked on iPhone, as it is very important information for those who want to formally unlock your iPhone from operator but does not know or doubt the precise origin of the phone to a specific mobile operator (carrier) and does not know the SIM lock status: locked \ not locked smartphone.

Before unlocking iPhone, you must complete a 100% sure to know on what the operator is locked iPhone.
This is due to the fact that very few operators in the world support the full unlock your iPhone from the operator.
Thus, in order to get the Full unlock your phone, you must choose from a list of available operators and order your unlock (if you do not see your service provider then it is not supported).

In list of services our site have two utilities that can help you:

This service shows information for any model IMEI Apple iPhone:


Example for first (Apple iPhone by IMEI information) services:

iPhone 4S 16GB White 5.1
serial: C38GGYQNDTD2
warranty coverage: Limited Warranty
purchase country: United Kingdom
carrier: T-Mobile United Kingdom

An example for the second (Apple iPhone\iPad check carrier/lock Status):

IMEI: 0123360090******
Out of Warranty: 2010-07-07
Sold to country: United Kingdom
Carrier: vodafone United Kingdom
SIM-Lock Status: Locked
Network Status: Not Authorised

There is another way to determine from which country the iPhone and locked it or not the operator - the serial number, but this method requires a complete list of serial numbers on which to search for the SN.
The method for determining which country the iPhone and locked or not the operator of IMEI is much easier and safer.

To obtain information on IMEI iPhone do the following:

Useful links:

General information about official Full unlock Apple iPhone by IMEI, instruction
Full supported carriers for unlock Apple iPhone by IMEI

1. almn*************
04.04.2014 20:14:48
Can you remove icloud ID activation lock?
email almneef@gmail.com
ICCID: 89971122126892809627
iPhone 5s / ios7.1
Please Help me
2. | *****77.52.1
09.03.2014 15:09:27
My iphone 5 16gb loock icloud account and pass 
3. darr*********************
04.03.2014 13:54:26
can u unlock my blacklisted/reported lost iphone 5 and if so will it stil work in the uk. it was on 02.
4. | *****178.137
10.02.2014 00:14:04
it's actuall?
5. alph***************
04.02.2014 18:10:06
Please unlock iphone 4
IMEI : 012545001649136
6. taga*****************
26.01.2014 09:11:32

7. m_el*****************
17.01.2014 12:08:02
please help me to solve this problem
my iphone is 4g ime (012428000562024)
need to id for cloud account and password
but which i have is restricted from apple 
the past ID   istoreshop@icloud.com
and password is  MH87MBVJKF
8. Support Team
16.12.2013 17:50:26
9. | *****62.205.
16.12.2013 17:06:08
can you unlock my Iphone blacklisted by Orange France?
10. Support Team
14.10.2013 11:52:38
Itc not free
11. | *****62.205.
14.10.2013 10:29:40
hi...i want to know carrier of my device for unlocking purposes
IMEI : 01 254600 900005 8
12. | *****62.205.
18.09.2013 03:21:30
13. | *****62.205.
15.08.2013 19:30:56
01 362900 627732 2

Please verify my imei.
14. | *****62.205.
03.06.2013 22:32:20
imei 013069008227142
s'il vous plait,c'est la possibilitè dedèverruiller letèlèphone pour accepter un auter sim
15. Kapl**
27.05.2013 13:29:39
Hii iphone 4 Hello 
T-Mobile customer representatives, 

I have (iphone 4 16gb) user. 
used for t-mobile phone is locked. 
I want to use an unlocked as turkey. 
If you unlock my device, I would appreciate your sim ... 

IMEI: 012427007895098

Serdar kaplan
16. | *****93.186.
25.05.2013 13:54:24
Please check this imei:012544007786877
17. | *****195.34.
01.05.2013 21:58:34
18. | *****62.205.
27.04.2013 15:59:24
how much 012647004714089???
19. | *****62.205.
11.04.2013 21:18:19
Hi, My Iphone 3Gs is locked but don't know the carrier. Need to unlock. Please help me to know the network carrier.
IMEI: 012158000393860
Thank you so much!
20. | *****62.205.
28.03.2013 01:43:33
plzz tell me about its status 
21. Gard**
20.03.2013 23:47:11
Что зделать для того что б разблокировать мой тел
22. | *****62.205.
23.02.2013 14:12:34
mu ihpone has been block plz tell me iphone 4 16gb
23. Support Team
24.01.2013 18:12:07
We can unlock if Sweden Telenor clean IMEI
24. | *****62.205.
24.01.2013 17:45:16
IMEI: 012650008676130
Serial: 80107N17A4S
MAC Address: E0F8479A5E93
Bluetooth MAC Address: 
CTN: 0460768557979
ICCID: 89460843907004049398
Product Version: 6.0.X
First Unbrick Date: 02/25/11
Last Unbrick Date: 08/24/12
Unbricked: true
Unlocked: false
Unlock Date: 
Activated Carrier: Telenor - Sweden SWE
Original Carrier: Sweden Telenor.
Initial Activation Policy Description: 225 - Sweden Telenor.
Applied Activation Policy Description: 225 - Sweden Telenor.
Next Tether Activation Policy Description: 225 - Sweden Telenor.
Product Sold by: TELENOR STORES AB
Coverage Status: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
Coverage End Date: 02/24/11 - 
Purchased In: Sweden
Estimated Purchase Date: 02/24/11
25. | *****62.205.
21.01.2013 02:20:50
Can u remove a iphone 4 from black list and factory unlock it ?! 
26. Support Team
19.12.2012 17:43:04
NetCom Blacklist not support
27. ilia | *****85.239.
19.12.2012 17:10:33
hi i try to unlock by imei my iphone 4 locked to netcom but it didnt work it says its blacklisted... it way a diferent site do my question is do you unlock blacklisted imeis too
28. mand*** | *****176.227
12.12.2012 20:45:30
pls check my iphone 4 IMEI and network operator tnx
IMEI : 012650008676130
29. Stev** | *****77.188.
02.12.2012 14:40:01
Hi, My Iphone 4 is locked but don't know the carrier. Need to unlock. Please help meMobile : Iphone 4IMEI: 01 242500 5682740mODEM fIRMWARE : 04.12.02mODEL : MC603B/A
30. prab** | *****124.41.
04.11.2012 17:41:01
Hi, My Iphone 4 is locked but don't know the carrier. Need to unlock. Please help me to know the network carrier.
Mobile : Iphone 4
IMEI: 01 264500 865080 4
mODEM fIRMWARE : 04.12.02
mODEL : MC603B
31. Support Team
04.11.2012 13:35:51
okan tolgay first need know carrier your phone
32. okan******* | *****212.156
04.11.2012 11:04:38
Quote: fabianHy! I wood like to know what price will be for unlock Iphone 4S with this IMEI 01306605046392 . Thanks!!
33. Peto | *****46.71.1
28.10.2012 21:27:54
iphone 4g orange france - 012539002235938
34. fabi** | *****89.28.4
17.09.2012 00:54:39
Hy! I wood like to know what price will be for unlock Iphone 4 with this IMEI 012431000879836 . Thanks!!
35. Erne*** | *****166.147
05.08.2012 04:24:12
iPhone 4G AT&T&  012425005059428
36. Support Team
01.07.2012 16:25:42
Use one of this tool

Apple iPhone by IMEI information (displayed in the operator if the phone was previously activated through iTunes) 
Apple iPhone\iPad check carrier/lock Status (operator and SIM lock status is displayed even if the phone has not been activated through iTunes)
37. KARL******** | *****187.115
28.06.2012 22:55:02
i need to unlock iphone 4 but im not sure about the carrier its locked.
Device: Iphone 4
IMEI: 012838008743402
38. Support Team
06.06.2012 17:29:25
Quote: reinsouledhi i have iphone 4 locked to bell canada, i see it in your list, so can it be unlocked by IMEI
Bell Canada not unlock
39. rein****** | *****200.121
06.06.2012 17:13:56
hi i have iphone 4 locked to bell canada, i see it in your list, so can it be unlocked by IMEI
40. Support Team
11.04.2012 08:52:58

Apple iPhone by IMEI information (displayed in the operator if the phone was previously activated through iTunes) 
Apple iPhone\iPad check carrier/lock Status (operator and SIM lock status is displayed even if the phone has not been activated through iTunes)
41. gala* | *****95.22.1
10.04.2012 23:55:39
42. Nage**** | *****194.237
10.04.2012 11:11:33
I want to know my phone status with IMEI code which is not activated by iTunes. Please help me how to know this information.
43. Umai********
08.04.2012 20:00:31
Sir i want unlock my iphone 4 32Gb in Karachi pakistan career MOBILINK..   IMEI 012338002744993
                   Modem firmware 04.12.01
                   IOS 5.1
Sir tell me cost plz.. Urgent
44. jang****
03.09.2011 04:00:04
Where to buy credits for Iphone At&t to get it unlock. There is no drop down option for AT&T. thanks
45. Support Team
11.05.2011 10:17:12
Quote: youyunjianI M Wanted To Unlock Mobile With softbank jp???
Not real unlock iphone Japan
46. youy******
11.05.2011 04:00:08
I M Wanted To Unlock Mobile With softbank jp???
47. Support Team
20.03.2011 18:19:51
Buy credits and order unlock you phones
48. Mahi*************** | *****180.234
20.03.2011 15:08:16
Hi...I M Wanted To Unlock Mobile With....But How....
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