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will***************** 27.06.2015
Remove iCloud ID, was a couple of days longer than expected but my iPhone 5s is all working fine now.
dext****************** 04.06.2015
code works on huawei ascend g300 unlock carrier 0. thank you imei-server
same********************* 30.05.2015
USA AT&T Nokia Lumia
try this Not FOUND code server (if first order N\A code)70437603389205787919
code work...thanks
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What operator locked your iPhone?

Often the question arises:
How can an operator Apple iPhone for those users who want to unlock your iPhone from GSM operator but does not know or have doubts about the exact origin of your phone to a specific network mobile operator.

Before purchasing, users are often the question arises: How do I know SIM Lock status of the iPhone or how to find out who is locked on iPhone, as it is very important information for those who want to formally unlock your iPhone from operator but does not know or doubt the precise origin of the phone to a specific mobile operator (carrier) and does not know the SIM lock status: locked \ not locked smartphone.

Before unlocking iPhone, you must complete a 100% sure to know on what the operator is locked iPhone.
This is due to the fact that very few operators in the world support the full unlock your iPhone from the operator.
Thus, in order to get the Full unlock your phone, you must choose from a list of available operators and order your unlock (if you do not see your service provider then it is not supported).

In list of services our site have two utilities that can help you:

This service shows information for any model IMEI Apple iPhone:


Example for first (Apple iPhone by IMEI information) services:

iPhone 4S 16GB White 5.1
serial: C38GGYQNDTD2
warranty coverage: Limited Warranty
purchase country: United Kingdom
carrier: T-Mobile United Kingdom

An example for the second (Apple iPhone\iPad check carrier/lock Status):

IMEI: 0123360090******
Out of Warranty: 2010-07-07
Sold to country: United Kingdom
Carrier: vodafone United Kingdom
SIM-Lock Status: Locked
Network Status: Not Authorised

There is another way to determine from which country the iPhone and locked it or not the operator - the serial number, but this method requires a complete list of serial numbers on which to search for the SN.
The method for determining which country the iPhone and locked or not the operator of IMEI is much easier and safer.

To obtain information on IMEI iPhone do the following:

Useful links:

General information about official Full unlock Apple iPhone by IMEI, instruction
Full supported carriers for unlock Apple iPhone by IMEI

1. Support Team
02.06.2015 10:07:04
2. borg**************
02.06.2015 08:48:41
IMEI 352040060576634 iphone 5s ID lock /a*********@yahoo.com/ pls help me? my phone numbers +97699551000 mongolia
3. silv***************
29.05.2015 18:26:39
iPhone 5s unlock pleas 
4. | *****
25.05.2015 23:59:43
MEID: 99 000278 553974 
IMEI: 99000278553974
ICCID: 8955 0317 0009 0193 3560
5. | *****
21.04.2015 08:02:05
i phone 5s gold
if you can help me to activate i cloud 
IMEI 01 384600 247503 7
thanks alot
6. ib1m*************
16.03.2015 01:37:31
i need any one help me.
i lose every thing about activate me iPhone e-mail and password and all think about it.       
Product Type: iPhone 5,2 16GB
IMEI: 013629009762650
Serial Number: F17L8R9ADTWD
Model Number: MD297
7. | *****
03.03.2015 23:04:37
IMEl;01 305900 5865119  
ICCID:8997 2020 3152 0532 98F   
      For I am poor Osmhto not my money
9. auri*****
16.02.2015 14:58:02
this phone is on blacklist or not ?
10. Support Team 2
05.01.2015 11:20:43
order service 
11. | *****37.54.2
05.01.2015 08:37:19
unlock my iphone ismi:352075068615273
12. | *****77.52.6
30.12.2014 18:20:14
351983060496025 remove my apple id in find my phone
13. Support Team 2
15.12.2014 18:27:08
Contact Support 
14. 5105*****
14.12.2014 05:46:01
There is no quick unlocking the ID service, contact me thank you
15. Support Team 2
01.12.2014 20:42:12
Contact Support
16. | *****178.95.
30.11.2014 22:30:20
please help me sim  locked 012426008854179  
17. Support Team 2
28.11.2014 10:36:51
Send reply to the mail
18. | *****178.95.
28.11.2014 01:43:57
Hi, I'm in the US and I have a tmobile pay as u go plan, I recently bought a factory unlocked tmobile iPhone 5c model a1532 at a cellphone store that sells and buys used phones also does unlocks/repairs and so on there's a no return or gaurentee policy on used phones or tablets they sell. I tried to set it up but it wouldn't let me so I took it back and they said they couldn't help me, all they could do was check the imei and it came back as blacklisted and they said they can't fix that and wouldn't do an exchange. So I did a bunch of research online to find out what to do and I found out it was reported lost to tmobile a while ago and to contact tmobile so I did and they said yes it was but it was replaced through a insurance comp.they transferred me to them to report it found and try to have it unblocked but they told me to contact the. Origanol owner so they could report it found, they couldn't give me the previous owners info but told me to put a tmobile SIM card in and the info would come up, so I did and called the owner and she said she lost it a long time ago and didn't care about it and didn't want to help me because she was busy,, long story short she did insurance fraud, she sold the phone with good imei to the store then reported it lost to insurance and got a bran new one from the insurance claim. So now the imei is bad and everyone says it can't be unlocked ever no matter what anyone or website says, but I'm not giving up yet. That's how I ended up here. My main concern is if it's possible to take off blacklist and be able to use with my tmobile and apple account after unblacklisted if possible my imei is 013896002132955. I heard u guys are the best out there and my best shot, can u email me if it's possible and how much to fix,, I already spent $350.00 US on this paperweight. Please help, sorry for long comment I just wanted to put out as much info I can think of so u can know for sure if u can unblock. All I can get to on phone is start to set up, connect to wifi but then it says please insert valid sim, meaning the original one only and that's it. Can't see home screen or any apps just white screen says could not activate iPhone try again in few mins.   Please Email me at lanzilli3@gmail.com if u can help and what I need to do,
19. Support Team
17.11.2014 16:32:51
Select carrier place order
20. oswl*****
17.11.2014 03:43:44
My phone is closed and I am a poor man please help
Gray 5C,16,GB
21. ran6*
09.11.2014 15:03:35
Hi!My iphone 4G is locked to Orange France network. 
IMEI 012959005860831 ICCID 89359032200021094679
No icloud account but in black list.Can you unkock and how much?Thanks!
22. Support Team
18.09.2014 13:52:55
23. namt****
18.09.2014 13:21:27
Can you remove icloud ID activation lock?
 IMEI: 01 327300 391115 1
 Serial Number :DX7KCXPPDP0N
 Model: MD128TH/A
 ICCD: 8966 0513 0947 8205 047
 iPhone 4 / ios7.1.2 / 8G
 Please Help me. Thank you very much. 
24. Support Team
29.08.2014 11:43:53
25. | *****62.205.
28.08.2014 21:14:12
Can you remove icloud ID activation lock?
 email a.seebrooks@gmail.com
 IMEI: 013837003136090
 iPhone 5c / ios7.1
 Please Help me 
26. samg***
25.08.2014 18:46:26
DeviceName: iPhone
DeviceClass: iPhone
ProductType: iPhone5,1
ProductVersion: 7.1.2
SerialNumber: F1DKMSSMFH1C
UniqueDeviceI 9f6bcbaf587ca87de5e604c9abc01bfc32be7326
ModelNumber: ME487
BuildVersion: 11D257
HardwareModel: N41AP
DeviceColor: #e1e4e3
RegionInfo: LL/A
CPUArchitecture: armv7s
WiFiAddress: 84:38:35:72:40:fb
BluetoothAddress: 84:38:35:72:41:74
FirmwareVersion: iBoot-1940.10.58
ActivationState: Unactivated
BasebandVersion: 6.02.00
BasebandChipId: 7278817
BasebandGoldCertId: 3255536192
ICCI 89962011000048084216
IMEI: 013440001109894
IMSI: 416011004808421
27. | *****62.205.
01.08.2014 01:44:58
iphone 5 16 black locked sim 
imei 990002294334568
28. raha**
15.07.2014 06:30:34
iPhone iPhone4 32GB loock icloud account and pass
29. aj-3***
05.07.2014 07:24:11
iPhone iPhone5 16GB Black9
Sold to country:IRAQ
Carrier:I don’t know something about this please help
He wanna activate iphone,coz i buy frome mobile shop.
Please help I am poor
30. | *****62.205.
03.07.2014 18:54:38
013047004588634iphon 4s please help me thanks