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Iphone 5S At&t unlocked
Iphone 5 At&t unlocked 
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So far 3 Huawei unlocks. Processed quickly and worked perfect on each phone. Happy with the service
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samsung s5 poland unlocked
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Unlock Huawei E5830, E5830s

GSM providers is up to date proving it once again. In WorldWide GSM mobile market started selling a new model of a 3G modem with wireless data transmission technology, WiFi. Modem is connected to a 3G operator using the SIM card and the Internet via WiFi gives the surrounding devices. There is a modification called E5830s is also work only with one operator.

The only drawback 3G Huawei E5830 is that it is blocked to the operator, and works with SIM card only one operator. In other words, Huawei E5830 device has a lock on one operator in this case.

Unlock Huawei E5830 modem and E5830s possible using DC-Unlocker only in one minute.

To unblock Huawei E5830 is required: Software Dc-Unlocker clientu, connected 3G device Huawei E5830 PC powered on and installed drivers.

If program Dc-Unlocker client successfully detected Huawei E5830 you will this log information about this devices:

Found modem: E5830
Model; Huawei E5830/E583x
IMEI 3541030 ********
Firmware: 946.
Dashboard version: UTPSTOOL-ConnLaucher_WIN1.01.00.610_MAC1.01.00.610
Serial NR. : Y8A4CC10A2204388
SIM Lock status; Locked (Card Lock)

According to this log shows that the software properly identified him and a second device Huawei E5830 :

Found modem: E5830S
Model: Huawei E5830/E583x
IMEI: 354103034 ******
Serial NR. : Y8A4CC10A2300073
Firmware: 666.
Compile date / time: Oct 15, 2010 8:19:40
Dashboard version: UTPS13.
SIM Lock status: Locked (Card Lock)

Once the software has determined to buy Dc-unlocker username and password.

Buy Account Dc-unlocker Huawei E5830

After the get the username and password to enter them in the program window according DcUnlocker fields (name, password)
Then press Unlock key - within one minute modem Huawei E5830 is reset network lock.
The program displays a message about it.

For wholesalers, or service centers recommend buying Dc-Unlocker dongle (security key for software), which allows significant savings on this and unlock other models 3 \ 4G devices.

Free Download DC-unlocker from Depositfiles
Free Download DC-unlocker from Rapidshare

Discuss the process of unlocking E5830 on the forum, where you can also ask a question or leave a question.

The main technical wireless WiFi + GSM router performance router E5830:
Standards for data Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, an interface to connect mini-USB, GSM data standards 850; 900; 1800 1900; UMTS 2100 Data HSDPA, HSUPA, maximum download speed of presence and 7200 kbit / s

Photo WiFi-GSM wireless router also known as E5830 E5830S:

Photo unlocked Huawei E5830 by Dc-unlocker

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