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06 March 2017
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
Очень быстро !!!
Luis Orozco
13 December 2016
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
    07 December 2016
    All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
    Very fast Very quick 2 days its done my iphone icloud off i love it but the problem is very expansive imei-server best website ever  
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    Infinity BEST 1.34 - Update BB5 Easy Service Tool

    All new changes for users program Infinfty BEST v 1.34:

    • Improved USB-flash
    • Added seperate flasher MeeGo (Harmattan)
    • Support for new models of Nokia: Nokia N9, N950;
    • Support for some of the other devices on the platform of Harmattan
    • Flash MCU in N9, N950 Nokia
    • Firmware eMMC in N9 and Nokia N950
    • Ability to clear (reset code, clearing eMMc data)
    • Added the ability to work with the regime RD

    Easy and fast firmware by BB5 Easy Service Tool

    Changes in BEST program:

    • The tab is now called Maemo nTab
    • Need to select and specify generation (Maemo - N900; MeeGo - N9, N950; and the like)
    • Support firmware in such modes as Dead and Normal

    Improvements to user data:

    • Improved extraction of phone phonebook directly from your S40 phone
    • Simplified extraction phonebook S40 phone from flash
    • Support for devices S40 (Series Asha (Asha) - from the firmware directly from the device)

    Adjustments to the program:

    • Adjustments jobs SL3
    • Update the Ini. Support for new models and updating existing
    • Common software fixes

    Download latest version BEST (BB5 Easy Service Tool) from this link:

    Download BEST(BB5 Easy Service Tool) from (Depositfiles)
    Download BEST (BB5 Easy Service Tool) from (Rapidshare)

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