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06 March 2017
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
Очень быстро !!!
Luis Orozco
13 December 2016
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
    07 December 2016
    All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
    Very fast Very quick 2 days its done my iphone icloud off i love it but the problem is very expansive imei-server best website ever  
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    New SeTool for unlock Qualcomm phone v1.1204

    This new version is very powerful QM SeTool's unlock phones after an upgrade of your smartcard to work with this version you will never need logs or online for full unlock (direct-unlock) phones SonyEricsson processor-based qualcomm.
    Unlock procedure is no different from old process, but Internet connection is no longer needed if the card is updated.

    Supported Setool 1.1204 SEMC models based on Qualcomm:

    • WT18, LT15a, LT15at, LT15i, E15a, E15i, MT15a, MT15i, WT18i, Z1i,
    • IS07, IS11S, ST18a, ST18i, MK16a, MK16i, ST17a, ST17i, SK17a,
    • SK17i, X10a, X10i ST15a, ST15i, MT11a, MT11i, SO-01B, SO-02C,
    • SO-01C, U20a, U20i, E10a, E10i, E16a, E16i, WT19a, WT19i, LT18a,
    • LT18i, R800a, R800at, R800i, R800x

    Please note, for free and unlimited unlock these models requires mandatory activation of Setool's from this version.

    SeTool\LGTool Logs, Credits:

    Download SeTool from Depositfiles
    Download SeTool from Rapidshare


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