Unlock Spain Vodafone Nokia Lumia by IMEI officially and safe. 04.04.2014 21:21

Official unlock Spain Vodafone Nokia Lumia - expanded list of supported models

Announces the expansion of the list of smartphones Nokia Lumia, which can be ordered from the official unlock network operator Vodafone Spain.
Make order of unlock you can follow the link - 
Amoung of supported models added mobile phones Nokia Lumia 520, 620, 720, 820, 920, and smartphones with a 20- digit IMEI code.
Ask questions about this service you can at a forum of unlock Spain Vodafone Nokia Lumia.
Unlock Nokia Lumia
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Official unlock Samsung by IMEI code 03.04.2014 14:25

Regional official unlock Samsung by code IMEI is possible and available!

Many users of different models and versions of mobile phones Samsung are aware of the introduction of a regional block these smartphones. For further unlock Samsung phone with a "feature" must first activate the SIM-card with a local operator.

However, we hasten to please all owners of Samsung smartphones! You can shoot with the help of our service your regional unlock.

Remote, regional official unlock Samsung is available!


You can make an order on the following links, depending on the operator/country:


Ordering regional unlock Samsung you only need IMEI code smartphone.

Read the general information to unlock Samsung from the operators, you can link to here.

Also, please, read the instructions for entering Network unlock code for Samsung.

Ask all the questions you can at the forum about unlock Samsung.

Unlock Samsung

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Unlock Spain Orange/Yoigo Nokia by IMEI officially and safe. 03.04.2014 12:00

Reduced the time of unlock phones Spain Orange/Yoigo Nokia. Official unlock by IMEI

We inform you about the reduction of terms unlocking mobile phones Nokia, blocked by the network of mobile operator Orange Spain and Yoigo Spain. Now the term ofofficial unlock these smartphones is 1 - 24 hours.
Order the unlock you can follow links:
Unlock Spain Orange Nokia 
Unlock Spain Yoigo Nokia
Ordering of unlock Spain Orange/Yoigo Nokia you will need to specify only the IMEI code of your phone and choose from a list of its model.
Discuss the unlock of Spain Orange/Yoigo Nokia you can on the forum by clicking on the link.
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Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] update to version 1.86 03.04.2014 01:00

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] updated to version v1.86 - support Nokia X Platform (Android)

Inform you about updated Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] to version v1.86.
Updates and additions on the new version:
  • compatible Nokia phones based on Android - a world first! Modes are supported - Full Flash, System Update (User Data safe), and Wipe. It supports firmware in Normal mode and Dead;
  • USB flashing improved;
  • improved performance of service operations. NXP: Read Info. Use the code *#*# 2273 #*#* on the keyboard to activate the USB;
  • improved operations with user data (User Data). Revised the ability to extract user data for XGold and BB5;
  • Improved NaviManager;
  • Error detecting EMMC file;
  • improved stability ;
  • updated NaviBase;
  • all firmware versions supported WP8x, MTKx, Asha, and NXP;
  • added support for a new model - RM- 938: Lumia 1520 [LTA];
  • updated and revised files Ini;
  • stuff files updated;
  • fixed many minor bugs.

Credits/Activations for Infinity-Box


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Updated Chimera Tool to version 2.42.1736 02.04.2014 01:00

Chimera Tool is update to version 2.42.1736

Inform about updated software to unlock the smartphones Samsung, Nokia Lumia and BlackBerry - Chimera Tool. Version Chimera Tool 2.42.1736 is available.
Major changes and additions in version:
  • Added function «Change IMEI» for smartphones BlackBerry 9360 (4 credits). It allows you to change the IMEI on casual code with guaranteed preservation all function of mobile phone;
  • Fixed bugs App (for example error 500 on models 9900) that occurs after the use of certain functions;
  • Fixed error «no disk space» when the file path contains special characters;
  • Now function BlackBerry Reset LifeTimer makes automatic backups;
  • Redesigned user interface;
  • Various fixes for Samsung and BlackBerry;
  • Fixed a problem connecting to the server;
  • Fixed bug with loading the file;
  • Increased stability of the program.
You can acquaint with the program Chimera Tool by the link - ChimeraTool - general information.
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DC-unlocker V 1.00.1105 02.04.2014 01:00

Update DC-Unlocker client software - version v1.00.1105 is available 

We inform you about software update DC-Unlocker client. Version v1.00.1105 of DC-Unlocker client software is available.
Buy the necessary logs and/or loans of activate, you can by the link -
Changes and additions in the new version:
1. Added support for new modems:
  • Huawei E3351;
  • Huawei E3531;
  • Huawei Vodafone K4201;
  • Micromax AD110;
  • ZTE MTC 830FT.
2. Added support for new models of routers:
  • Huawei B686;
  • Huawei Vodafone R215;
  • Netgear Zing;
  • Novatel MiFi 2;
  • Novatel MiFi 5792;
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard 771S;
  • Softbank 203z;
  • ZTE MF98;
  • ZTE GL09P;
  • ZTE Vodafone R206-Z.
3. Added support for personalized routers:
  • ZTE MF90 BD_BOLT_MF90V1.0.0B07 (Bolt Indonesia).
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Solve activation status after unlocking USA AT&T iPhone 31.03.2014 01:00

«Your request couldn't be processed» - solve activation status after unlocking USA AT&T iPhone

If you did unlock USA AT&T iPhone, but the appearance of messages «Your request couldn't be processed» does not give you activate a new sim-free-status when connected to iTunes, we propose to use the service - 
The service allows you to activate the status resulting from any model USA AT&T iPhone.
Before ordering strongly recommend booking service to check IMEI iPhone operator and SIM-LOCK status and learn the general information about official Full unlock Apple iPhone by IMEI, instruction.
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Unlock Sweden Tele2 iPhone by IMEI officially and safe. 30.03.2014 02:00

Unlock Sweden Tele2 iPhone. Official unlock by IMEI

We report a reduction in the cost and of the duration on service - 
Now you can make an official unlock any model of iPhone, regardless of the code IMEI. IMEI codes are supported:
  • Blacklisted; 
  • Not found; 
  • Under contract, etc.
On the forum you can discuss unlock Sweden Tele2 iPhone by clicking the link.
Unlock Sweden Tele2 iPhone
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Unlock Canada SaskTel, MTS, Virgin, Bell iPhone by IMEI officially and safe. 30.03.2014 00:05

Official Unlock iPhone from Canadian operators SaskTel, MTS, Bell, Virgin by IMEI code

For all owners of smartphones iPhone, locked under the Canadian network operators MTS, Virgin and SaskTel we announce the opportunity to make an official unlock of your mobile phones. Checkout to unlock you can follow links:

Unlock Canada MTS iPhone

Unlock Canada SaskTel iPhone

Unlock Canada Bell / Virgin iPhone


Supported Unlock for all operators the following models iPhone - 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C.

Clarify all the questions about the official unlock iPhone you can from the General information for Unlock Apple iPhone by IMEI.

Forum about services: Unlock Canada MTS, SaskTel, Virgin, Bell iPhone.

Unlock IPhone Canada

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Unlock Samsung Galaxy P6200 Tab. Official unlock by IMEI. 28.03.2014 11:09

Official unlock Samsung Galaxy P6200 Tab by IMEI

The owners of Samsung Galaxy P6200 Tab, is blocked under the network one European mobile provider only, we are offer officially unlock their tablet by code unlock.


Instructions on how to official unlock tablet Samsung Galaxy P6200 Tab from the network operator:


  1. Register on the website;
  2. Specify IMEI code of the device on this page;
  3. Push the button "Order", then you will be automatically offer to replenish the balance;
  4. After you replenish the balance, the IMEI will pop up in the Control Panel, and you will receive it in your e-mail when the codes will be ready;
  5. Enter the received codes in turn, only digits without any letters and symbols. One of the codes will take off the operator lock.


After the device is unlocked and ready for use with any Sim card of any operator. Unlock Samsung Galaxy P6200 Tab is done only once. SIM Lock is take off the tablet can be refurbished and updated without any risk of be locked.

You can order unlock by visiting of the following link –

Unlock Samsung Galaxy P6200 Tab

All European operators are available: Russia MTS, Megafon, Spain Vodafone, Germany Vodafone and etc.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy

You can obtain the code through 1-22 hours.

Facebook feedbacks.

The warranty on the tablet doesn't get lost.

We are ready to give discounts for wholesale buyers.

If you have the questions, or if you want to discuss the process or just to leave the feedback about the unlock Samsung service, we have the special forum for that on our website. You can also write questions in the comments or via e-mail: support@imei-server.com.

We are offering you 2 excellent ways to receive the code for free and even to earn

1. Earn $50.

What has to be done:

  1. Make sure to apply and check with the administration of the website: support@imei-server.com.
  2. Shoot the video in FullHD of the whole process of the phone unlock and provide us with the video file. Below you can see an example of such a video.

The main requirement - good quality, shoot on the white background, everything should be in the focus.

After receiving the video and approval by the administration, we will return the payment for the code and will pay the difference over. The payment is necessary as a guarantee for receiving the video by us.

2. Receive the code for free.

What has to be done:

  1. Register on the website;
  2. Create the topic on the forum;
  3. In the topic specify the login for the website, IMEI, model, country/operator under which the tablet is locked;
  4. Upload on the photo sharing server (Fotolink.su for instance) the screenshot with the code request and photo of the back of the device (under battery part), insert the link in the topic;
  5. After the topic creation, do at least 3 reposts in various social networks, insert the links into the topic (close by HIDE tags).
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