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dent*** 24.07.2014
thank you. Unlocked my note 3 megafone with few hours. Trustable site  good job :))
*********** 23.07.2014
M8 htc thanks
*********** 21.07.2014
z10 voda grec, q10 att both done 1 day
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Nokia Network Check - full scan on your smartphone by IMEI

To obtain reliable and complete information on all mobile phone models of Nokia, we offer the service of remote verification.

Nokia Network Check

To order the service and get all the information you need to specify only IMEI number.

Example of log checking:

  • Serial Number : 3536800543****
  • Warranty : NO
  • Care Services :
  • Warranty Class :
  • Product Type : RM-820
  • Sales Model : Nokia Lumia 920
  • Product Code : 059L848
  • Start of Warranty :
  • End of Warranty :
  • Ship-to Customer # : NOKUS48
  • Ship-to Country : United States
  • Sold-to Customer # : NOKUS48
  • Sold-to Country : United States
  • Factory Simlock : Y
  • CARRIER details : RM-808 VAR ATT BLACK
  • Software Version : 1232.2109.1242.1001
  • Repairs : Repair Date :
  • Primary Fault :


You can discuss service of Nokia Network Check on the forum by clicking the link.


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Restart Unlock iPhone Orange France BLACKLIST


Restart server for Unlock iPhone Orange France BLACKLIST

Itc limited time service ! 

dont know when stop accept new IMEI


Send your IMEI and get them fast unlocked


Order here http://www.imei-server.com/product-616-france-orange-iphone.html


Support ALL models 5c 5s 5 4s 4


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Unlock Sony Xperia Z1s / Xperia V from the operator by IMEI
Unlocking mobile phones Sony Xperia Z1s / Xperia V, was locked under one network, allow the easy use smartphones, regardless of country and operator.
Order unlock mobile phones you can by the link –
For unlock available all the operator in the world.
Unlocking mobile phones Sony Xperia Z1s / Xperia V doing with using NCK code.
You can discuss unlocking Sony Xperia Z1s / Xperia V on the forum by this link.
Unlock Sony Xperia \ SonyEricsson by IMEI
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Unlock Docomo Sharp mobile phones by IMEI
Unlock mobile phones Sharp, blocked by work in network only one operator Docomo, allow you to use smartphones with a sim-card from another provider, regardless of the country.
Order unlock you can by the link - 
Unlock Sharp by IMEI
Possible unlock the following models Sharp, locked of network Docomo: SH12C, SH13C, SH01D, SH02D, SH02E, SH-03D, SH04D, SH-04E, SH06D, SH06DNERV, SH-06E, SH07D, SH09D, SH10D, SH-01E, SH -01E Vivienne Westwood.
For ordering unlock Sharp must specify exactly smartphone IMEI and model.
Discuss unlock of Sharp you can at forum following the link.
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Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] was updated to version v1.91
We inform about updated Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] to version v1.91 - added support for Wp 8.1 and new opportunities MTKx.
Major updates and additions to the new version of Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.91:
1. Firmware USB was improved:
  • supported firmware WP 8.1;
  • firmware WP 8.0 revised (bug fix WinXP Dead Mode);
  • firmware of process MTKx revised - support MTK6260 was improved;
  • treatment MTKx "Repair Flash" improved - support MTK6260 was improved.
2. Functions unlocking:
  • MTKx - added Log reading for 15-bit phone MTK6260 (Nokia 225, etc.).
3. Improved service operations:
  • MTKx - function to secure relief UserCode MTK6260 implemented;
  • a new way for remove the code MTK6260. All security settings are set by default. Code is set by default - 12345;
  • no need format the mobile phone;
  • all UserData will be saved;
  • MTKx - improved operations RPL;
  • MTKx - repair MAUI improved with support for Nokia 225;
  • MTKx - function Security Verify improved with supporting new edition MTK6260;
  • WP8x - Support phones with WP8.1 in mode NormalMode (Read Info, operation NVM).
4. NaviManager:
  • updated database - supported by all recent WP8x, Asha, MTKx, NXP firmware;
  • revised database;
  • revised selection process after downloading the product;
  • updated database Asha OS PPM ID, records added in 1020.
5. Added support for new models:
  • RM-974 - Nokia Lumia 630 SS [Moneypenny LTE] (WP8x).
6. Other changes and additions:
  • updated and revised files Ini;
  • support 4-digit of index (RM-1xxx) in MTKx, WP8, NXP FlashTabs corrected;
  • improved verification FFU, FastCheck, product selection (WP8.1);
  • package repair of MAUI for RM-1011, RM-1012, RM-1043 is loaded on the support;
  • new USB drivers for WP8x, MTKx, NXP platform uploaded to support area;
  • fixed other bugs.
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Registration Developers UDID of your iPhone, iPad or iPod for iOS 8

For all who want a fully featured operating system to use the new beta iOS 8, we present a new service for our service –

Registration UDID for iOS 8

UDID is a unique identification number of any device of company Apple.

For ordering UDID registration, you will need to specify it in the "Serial Number" on page service.

Instructions how to find UDID identifier iPhone and iPad.

Attention! We do not recommend you download and install iOS 8 on your device Apple to the registration UDID and confirmation of this.

Registration UDID for iOS 8

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LGTOOL the team SeTool updated to version 2.40
Additions and updates in the new version LGTOOL 2.40:
1. New Features for LGE410, E410B, E410C, E410F, E410G, E410I, E411G:
  • Dump/Flash NVM; 
  • Dump/Flash Security; 
  • Direct Unlock (Direct Unlock); 
  • Restore IMEI; 
  • Repair Bluetooth; 
  • Write firmware. 
2. New Features for LG E415F, E415G: 
  • Dump/Flash NVM; 
  • Dump/Flash Security; 
  • Direct unlock (DirectUnlock); 
  • Restore IMEI; 
  • Repair IMEI 2; 
  • Repair Bluetooth; 
  • Write firmware.
3. New remote services LGTOOL:
  • FIRST IN THE WORLD! For models LG D610AR, VS450BPP, D321P, VS985N, VS880N, VN170N supported unlock code calculator function. 
4. Other changes in LGtool and remote services: 
  • Improved algorithm for calculating the LG. Now you need to have a positive balance for free-unlock device remotely (remote); 
  • Improved algorithm for calculating the HTC.
Credits/Activations for LGTool/SeTool you can go to our website, under Logs, Credits, and Activation.
On the links below you can always order unlock code for all models of Samsung and LG phones by IMEI
LG unlock code Europe
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Unlock ZTE any operator by IMEI

We are glad to you to inform you that, after the long break, the service is available again on our site -

Unlock ZTE by IMEI

After a ZTE smartphone unlock from the operator, you will be able to use the device in any country of the world with any carriere.

After ordering, you'll receive an e-mail with the NCK code which has to be entered into phone for its full unlock. Your device will never be locked again. Service is already tested on several devices and it works. Most operators of the world (including AT&T USA) are supported.

Unlock ZTE any operator by IMEI

Available models for unlock:

  • ZTE Z992


See the video how to unlock ZTE Z992 AT&T by IMEI with network unlock code:

If you are service center stuff or wholesalers - contact us for getting discount.

You can discuss this service, and also ask all questionsIn in a special thread at a forum on unlock Z992 AT&T USA.

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Update ATF – version with support Lumia WP8.1, SPI, Androidi Samsung JTAG
We inform about update and a new version of ATF with support Nokia Lumia WP8.1 + Nokia Android + SPI Programmer + Samsung JTAG.
Major changes and additions in the updated version:
1. Updates Nokia Lumia WP 8.1 on based Microsoft:
  • module of firmware Windows Phone for support Lumia 630 and 635 was updated;
  • module Windows Phone Normal Mode for support Lumia 630 and 635 was updated;
  • support of mobile phone Lumia 630 fully tested on actual;
  • functions Test Mode for mobile phones Lumia 630 and 635 were not supported yet.
2. Updates Nokia Android Firmware Flasher for X / X+ / XL:
  • bug firmware "62%" is displayed when using older versions of drivers WinUSB was fixed;
  • function of warning users about the discovery of the revised files firmware was added;
  • work with mobile phones Nokia X, X+, and XL fully tested in real conditions.
3. Updates ATF JTAG 1.0.8:
  • built AFP Downloader inside ATFJ.exe was added. It accessed through the "Help" / "Updates";
  • support of mobile phones Samsung with function FULLBOOTREPAIR was added. Loading through the built Downloader in ATFJ.exe.
Compatible models:
  • Samsung GT-I8150
  • Samsung GT-I8150B
  • Samsung GT-I8150T
  • Samsung GT-I8260
  • Samsung GT-I8260E
  • Samsung GT-I8260L
  • Samsung GT-I8262 
  • Samsung GT-I8262B
  • Samsung GT-I8262D 
  • Samsung GT-I8350
  • Samsung GT-I8550L
  • Samsung GT-I8550E
  • Samsung GT-I8552
  • Samsung GT-I8552B
  • Samsung GT-I8700
  • Samsung GT-S6310 
  • Samsung GT-S6310L
  • Samsung GT-S6310N
  • Samsung GT-S6310T
  • Samsung GT-S6312
  • Samsung GT-S7560
  • Samsung GT-S7560M
  • Samsung GT-S7562
  • Samsung GT-S7562L
  • Samsung GT-S7572
  • Samsung SCH-W789
  • Samsung SCH-I829
  • Samsung SGH-T679
  • Samsung SGH-T679M
4. Support for ATF JTAG Scripting Language added.
5. Support for manual debugging Snapdragon SOC-modems added.

Functions of the first version of SPI Tool 1.0:

  1. Direct connection for programming Small SPI FlashICs;
  2. Separate SPI Flash from the board is no longer necessary;
  3. Ideal for programming SPI Flash mobile phones Nokia 105 and 106;
  4. Ideal for re-programming SPI modem HUAWEI WiMax;
  5. Read / write of speeds up to 30 MHz;
  6. Supports SPI modes CPOL=0, CPHA=0 and CPOL=1, CPHA=1;
  7. Function auto check and rewrite bad sectors;
  8. Function selection of voltage VCCIO (1.80V, 2.80v and 3.30V);
  9. Selecting a set of commands in accordance with SPI Flash IC Brand;
  10. Automatically detect of firmware IC Capacity for Micron / Numonyx;
  11. Automatically skips IMEI, Simlocks and PM Region of mobile phones Nokia phones 105 and 106.

Opportunities for use with mobile phones Nokia 105 and 106:

  1. Read Full Dump of a working cellphone and write to another mobile phone without damaging the IMEI, Simlocks and PM Region;
  2. Recording MCU + PPM + CNT, PPM + CNT only, PPM only;
  3. Allowed cross-record of versions PPM on any version of firmware MCU;
  4. Recording more language packs that are not supported in FBUS;
  5. Read Full Dump on FBUS and write to other mobile phones via SPI Tool.

Updates SD Card Password Bruteforce:

  1. Function of resume to save a file was fixed, if found incorrect CSD;
  2. Support UHS-I and UHS-II SD cards was added.

Updates Samsung Unbrick Image Creator 1.5:

  1. Support for new Flash files 4.4.x tar.md5 2014 added;
  2. Support for new PIT Factory files added.

Updates ATF Box Driver Update:

  • New ATF Box with drivers for 32/64 bit Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1 (version If you're running Windows 7 or Windows 8, that drivers will be loaded automatically via Windows Driver Update Servers.

Other updates: 

  • Complete list added in Nokia.ini as May 31, 2014. Models Nokia X+, Nokia XL, Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and Lumia 930 were added.

Activation, logs, credits of ATF Box (Advance Turbo Flasher):

Advance Turbo Flasher
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LGTOOL the team SeTool updated to version 2.39
Additions and innovations in the new version LGTOOL 2.39:
1. New features for LGP710, P712, P713, P713GO, P713TR, P714:
  • Dump / Flash NVM;
  • Dump / Flash Security;
  • Direct Unlock;
  • Restore IMEI;
  • Repair Bluetooth.
2. New features for LG P715, P716:
  • Dump / Flash NVM;
  • Dump / Flash Security;
  • Direct Unlock;
  • Restore IMEI;
  • Repair IMEI 2;
  • Repair Bluetooth.
3. New remote services LGTOOL:
  • First in the world! Calculation of an unlock code for devices LG D280N, D160J, AS323, AS323Z, AS876Z.
4. Other changes in LGtool and remote services:
  • Improved algorithm for calculating the HTC;
  • Improved algorithm for calculating the LG;
  • SeTool service suspended.
Credits/Activations for LGTool/SeTool you can go to our website, under Logs, Credits, and Activation.
On the links below you can always order unlock code for all models of Samsung and LG phones by IMEI
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