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21 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
sweet love your sl3 service. Codes are always correct. thanks
20 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
thank youu
10 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
wow great and fast service. took just 24 hours. great work. ill always recommend the service
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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.52 - update

Good news! We are pleased to announce a new update for Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.52 - LG K4-Series, new models, new features. 

You can order activations, logs credits for Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.52 -



- Main

  1. Core updated to support latest v1624 flash package
  2. SP Flash Engine updated 
  3. Enabled support for unaligned scatter flashing for 67xx series (6755 also supported)
  4. That allow flashing those factory files on phones with different memory sizes without further problems with user memory

- Enabled support for LG K4 line:

  1.  K120 and K120 model versions ( E/AR/F/GT/H )
  2.  K130 and K130 model versions ( E ) 

- Supported features:

  1. Read full info (with extended info)
  2. Factory FW Read / Write
  3. FlashDump Read / Write
  4. NVRAM Read / Write
  5. Security Read / Write
  6. UserLocks Reset (Include LG "Knock Code") without data lost
  7. PatternLock Reading
  8. HW test - RAM, eMMC, Battery
  9. Security repair - IMEI1, IMEI2, BT-MAC, WiFi-MAC
  10. SP Unlock (Code Reading)
  11. Format FileSystem
  12. Repair ExtData
  13. Flash Erase
  14. Fix Unknown BaseBand
  15. Init Preloader
  16. Memory Repartition
  17. Forensic: PhoneBook extraction
  18. Forensic: User Gallery (Photo / Video) extraction

- LG Other: 

  1. Improved Flashing Engine 
  2. Fixed problems with security reset during flashing for old E-series models
  3. Improved Security Repair

- UserData operations updated

  1. FP MT62xx: Forensic engine updated, more types supported
  2. FP MT62xx: PhoneBook extraction revised
  3. SP: DataDirect Engine updated ( stuck on reading big (2+ GiB) files in some cases fixed )
  4. SP: PhoneBook extraction revised

- Factory FW reader updated

  1. Engine updated
  2. Brand-specific improvements ( Wiko, Lenovo, LG and many others )
  3. AutoDetection improved 
  4. MT6755 specific improvements
  5. Firmware naming during read changed ( if more model-specific info will be found )

- Service operations improved

  1. NVRAM operations revised
  2. NVRAM: Improved verification
  3. NVRAM: activated NVRAM verification during read
  4. New FRP type reset supported

- Other

  1. For some models now reading more info ( Lenovo, LG and other )
  2. Flash ID database updated
  3. False AV warnings/resource blocking should be fixed from now
  4. AppManager (AV dictionary) updated 
  5. Some fixes and improvements at all

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] update to version 1.84

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