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SUPPORT TEAM 19 April 2016
yusup, contact support:
They will advise you on payment options.
yusup 19 April 2016
whether the payment can be via internet banking banks in my area?
sample bank Bank Central Asia from Indonesia. thank you :)
SUPPORT TEAM 12 April 2016
Julius, order the service by link
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Price: 3.00 $ Delivery time: 1 - 24 hours Server On Orders count:571

ZTE Unlock by IMEI

The service is intended to unlock any model ZTE phones and tablets by IMEI via NCK code from any mobile operator of any country.
To purchase an unlock code ZTE need to register on the site and replenish its balance sheet. Once the balance of the site will be filled up, you can order the unlock code ZTE.
Order unlock from the operator USA MetroPCS with support Device Unlock App here
How to order:
  • Enter IMEI device. View IMEI can dial * # 06 #. In the field, enter the first 14 digits of IMEI, the last digit is generated automatically. This field is required.
  • Select your model from the list of ZTE. If you can not find your model, you can place your order by selecting the "Other Model". You will have an extra line where you can enter the name of your model. This field is required.
  • Comments field can be left blank. Country and operator indicate if you know them. If you do not know, you leave the field empty.
  • If you received a cancellation for a reason - "Code not found" or "Data Not Found", can repeat order by selecting from the list of models ZTE Not Found server # 1
Carefully fill in all mandatory fields. After the server will return a code, you will get it at the email you provided during registration.
WARNING: if the code is not found in the list, select models of ZTE Not Found server # 1. This server works with the Mon-Fri, and the time for performance of the order - 1-3 days.
Unlock for free:

It is possible to unlock one ZTE phone or modem for FREE! (unfortunately not any model is possible to unlock even with a fee) locked under any operator if it is not listed in the list of available for the unlock devices down on the page. To do so, you have to register on the website, then create a topic on the forum. You have indicate in the topic: login information on the website, IMEI, model, type of device (phone, modem or tablet), the country of the operator, which the device is locked on, take the screen shot when it requests the code with a foreign sim card and take a photo of the back side of the device (under the battery). Thus, the topic should include 2 photos, upload these pictures on any photosharing server (for instance, and insert the links in your message. Then make 3 reposts in any social networks (facebook, vkontakte, twitter, odnoklassniki, google +)

See the video how to unlock ZTE Z992 AT&T by IMEI with network unlock code:


List of Models:

Supported ZTE models for unlocok by IMEI:

Models of ZTE phones available for the unlock:

  • E200, E110 ZEST, E400, F833 МТС
  • Vibe, Vairy Touch,Sage, Libra, Blade, Blade Grey, Blade Apex 2, Blade Apex 3, Blade C V807, Blade C341, Blade A5, Blade Q Pro (T320), SanFransisco, Raise, Raiser, Racer X850, SoftBank 003Z,Light Pro, Telstra Smart Touch T3020,  Билайн М2, Concord T-mobile, Grand Era (V985), Senseit C1, BLADE 3, Blade III, Megafon 4g Turbo, Roamer
  • X761, X760, X960,  X991, 
  • V9 Tablet, V9, V9+,  V790, V856, V880E, V170 AUSTRIA,  KIS (V788D), Geek V975, V815W, V965W, MF910 (MegaFon MR150-2), MF910L, MF920 (MegaFon MR150-5), MF90 Russian Beeline, MF28D, MF710, MF827, MF831, MF 90M, M100-3, F320, Kis 3

  • R221,  RTK D1, RIO, R3100 (T-Mobile Beat, Orange Hollywood)
  • T202,G-n281, G-r231, GX760; GX761,  GR230,  A100,  CP09,   МТС 916, S516, R235, S213, S511, R235, S213, S511, F116, F160, SP-W1(ZTE Tania)
  • Z740, MT7A, Z998, Z992, MS4A, Z431, ZMAX Z970, Z667T, Z787, Z812 Maven

(while you see this message, you have an opportunity to apply on the forum for the free unlock of this model) Z740, Z992 AT&T

Models of ZTE phones, which might be unlocked by DC-Unlocker of 10 credits:

F953-Mimosa, F100, T100, U-F953 Mimosa, F100 Orange 3G, F160 Orange Atlanta\\AT&T F160\\МТС business 840

DC-unlocker of 7 credits: MF100, MF170, MF180 velcom, MF180s, MF190s, MF622, MF825, AC30 МТС Connect, MF30 МТС\\Beeline

TMN ORANGE Miami, Orange Vegas, VODAFONE 541, 5000, Vodafone 547, Vodafone Indie

Operators available for the ZTE unlock:

  • Belarus: Life, Velcom, МТС
  • Russian: Beeline, Мегафон, МТС
  • Ukraine: Киевстар, МТС, Life
  • Spain: Movistar,  Vodafone 
  • UK: Orange, 3
  • France: SFR ,
  • USA:  Nextel , T-Mobile 
  • Moldova: Orange 


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Price 3.00 $
Discount price  3.00 $
Delivery time 1 - 24 hours
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31.03.2016 14:28:42
we can not know in advance whether a code will be in the database.
15 numbers - this is normal. The last digit is generated automatically - this is a check digit.
2. lolo******************
31.03.2016 13:00:23
Mi IMEI tiene 15 digitos pero no entra en la casilla, ¿es valido? 

14.09.2015 19:10:33
order the service
4. henry | *****
12.09.2015 15:17:40
I need the sim unlock code plz help
5. olen****************
24.07.2015 15:31:18
make an order, we will send you the code
6. gail******************* | *****
24.07.2015 07:37:53
Zte Z730 imei#-867820010823402 I need the sim unlock code plz help
7. Support Team
18.06.2015 09:45:41
-> MetroPCS ZMAX Z970
8. Support Team
15.06.2015 16:28:10
only GSM models suppoerted, you write MEID
9. khae******************
13.06.2015 20:09:22
I need to unlock my ZTE Blade n880.. do you have the unlock code? i really need it pleaseeeeee 
IMEI A000003217A55B
please reply
10. Support Team
05.04.2015 16:56:15
We can unlock ANY ZTE
We can unlock ALL models zTE
Try it :)
11. Kent********* | *****
05.04.2015 06:27:42
I have ZTE KIS 3 V811 IMEI 864509021676916 locked on Swisscom Provider from Swiss. Can you unlock this Model? I have 5 pieces of them.
12. Support Team
29.03.2015 23:54:04
yes we can give you unlock codes for V811 models,
13. mimi***********************
28.03.2015 14:05:25
Zte v811 country Australia carrier optus imei 866866025506277 thanks
14. Support Team
10.02.2015 01:01:45
yes, ALL ZTE models! 

15. real**************** | *****
10.02.2015 00:57:34
do you now support z993 by imei?
16. Support Team
08.08.2014 21:39:40
enter IMEI place order
17. just***************** | *****178.46.
08.08.2014 20:33:31
I need unlock code for HSUPA connect card MF637 locked for ZTE modem,IMEI:358065025911240 ,help me please. Thanks
18. Support Team
11.07.2014 12:07:42
Z431 AT&T tested - 100% work unlock code
19. Support Team
05.06.2014 18:27:24
ZTE server restart work

20. Support Team
10.04.2014 14:05:09
no, tool for this models now down
21. jlmf************* | *****62.205.
09.04.2014 21:43:05
can a ate z922 at&t be unlocked?
22. f18@************* | *****62.205.
07.04.2014 22:06:00
I need unlock code for ATE Z740 locked for AT&T,
IMEI 861897011074777, Thanks.
23. Support Team
07.04.2014 15:14:22
unlock Z993 not supported now by IMEI
24. 888@******
06.04.2014 22:04:51
ZTE Z993 from AIO  possible unlock?
25. paul*******************
08.03.2014 03:59:13
need to unlock a z740 can you help me out?
26. ijrs***************
21.02.2014 05:57:13
Hello, I am asking for your unlock assitance 
I have A ZTE ATT USA Z992 ;
MY IMEI:864818013928981 
27. taro*****************
06.02.2014 07:14:34
need and unlock code for at&t zte z992
28. Support Team
31.01.2014 13:55:38
Z992 AT&T now cant unlock
29. sunn***************** | *****62.205.
31.01.2014 13:44:18
sir i have zte at&t cellular based usa phone model no z992 i need unlock code 
30. godl*************** | *****62.205.
19.01.2014 09:46:05
864818014193023. It a ZTE z992
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