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Unlock ZTE code

The service is designed for the unlock of ZTE phones and tablets by IMEI through the NCK code from any cellular operator of any country.

In order to buy the ZTE unlock code you have to deposit your balance by any convenient method for you right after registering on our website.

As soon as you have credits on your account, you will be able to order the unlock ZTE code. You will have to just specify IMEI of your device and select your ZTE model in the list.

Then you will receive the unlock code on the e-mail that you provided us with during the registration. While placing an order for the unlock, carefully fill in all the fields.


It is possible to unlock one ZTE phone or modem for FREE! (unfortunately not everything is possible even with a fee) locked under any operator if it is not listed in the list of available for the unlock devices down on the page. To do so, you have to register on the website, then create a topic on the forum. You have indicate in the topic: login information on the website, IMEI, model, type of device (phone, modem or tablet), the country of the operator, which the device is locked on, take the screen shot when it requests the code with a foreign sim card and take a photo of the back side of the device (under the battery). Thus, the topic should include 2 photos, upload these pictures on any photosharing server (for instance, FotoLink.su) and insert the links in your message. Then make 3 reposts in any social networks (facebook, vkontakte, twitter, odnoklassniki, google +)

List of models:

Models of ZTE phones available for the unlock:

ZTE T-Mobille E200 Vibe, X761, V9 Tablet, X760, R221, T202,G-n281, Sage, g-r231, GX760; E110 ZEST, X960, T-Mobile Vairy Touch, X991, GX761, RIO, GR230, ZTE Beeline A100, Libra, Blade, Мегафон CP09, Orange SanFransisco, Raise, Raiser, SoftBank 003Z, V170 AUSTRIA, МТС916, Racer X850, Telstra Smart Touch T3020, V9, E400 Beeline, Beeline М2, Light Pro, S516, R235, S213, S511, R235, S213, S511, ZTE KIS (V788D), ZTE R3100 (T-Mobile Beat, Orange Hollywood), Concord T-mobile 
(while you see this message, you have an opportunity to apply on the forum for the free unlock of this model) Z740

Models of ZTE phones, which might be unlocked by DC-Unlocker of 10 credits:

F100, T100, U-F953 Mimosa, F100 Orange 3G, F160 Orange Atlanta\\AT&T F160\\МТС business 840

DC-unlocker of 7 creditsMF100, MF170, MF180 velcom, MF180s, MF190s, MF622, AC30 МТС Connect, MF30 МТС\\Beeline

SFR 115; 114, sfr231, 241, sfr232, 261, sfr251 341; 343, SFR342
TMN ORANGE Miami, Orange Vegas, VODAFONE 541, 5000, Vodafone 547, Vodafone Indie

Operators available for the ZTE unlock:

Megafone Russia, MTS Ukraine, Beeline Russia, Kyivstar Ukraine, Velcom Belarus, Life Ukraine, MTS Russia, Orange UK, 3 UK, Movistar Spain, SFR France, Vodafone Spain and etc.


ZTE V9+ model is not supported!

Enter IMEI (Dial *#06#). Enter only first 15 digits

Select your phone model.

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1. Support Team
10.04.2014 14:05:09
no, tool for this models now down
2. | *****62.205.
09.04.2014 21:43:05
can a ate z922 at&t be unlocked?
3. | *****62.205.
07.04.2014 22:06:00
I need unlock code for ATE Z740 locked for AT&T,
IMEI 861897011074777, Thanks.
4. Support Team
07.04.2014 15:14:22
unlock Z993 not supported now by IMEI
5. 888@******
06.04.2014 22:04:51
ZTE Z993 from AIO  possible unlock?
6. paul*******************
08.03.2014 03:59:13
need to unlock a z740 can you help me out?
7. ijrs***************
21.02.2014 05:57:13
Hello, I am asking for your unlock assitance 
I have A ZTE ATT USA Z992 ;
MY IMEI:864818013928981 
8. taro*****************
06.02.2014 07:14:34
need and unlock code for at&t zte z992
9. Support Team
31.01.2014 13:55:38
Z992 AT&T now cant unlock
10. | *****62.205.
31.01.2014 13:44:18
sir i have zte at&t cellular based usa phone model no z992 i need unlock code 
11. | *****62.205.
19.01.2014 09:46:05
864818014193023. It a ZTE z992
12. | *****62.205.
19.12.2013 10:05:07
ZTE Z992 on AT&T IMEI: 864818012155628 Unlock please!
13. Support Team
27.09.2013 15:06:26
ZTE Concord USA T-mobile IMEI: 86507******019  unlock code: 41130682 
14. lill********
24.06.2013 06:14:58
my tablet cannot open, even though i have tried opening itwith my google account
15. mbog***
17.01.2013 11:29:35
 unlock code of zte f140
16. eddi* | *****27.111.
04.04.2012 11:21:06
My ZTE tablet is wifi not 3g - will this allow me to unlock the phone?
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