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nki1************* 20.01.2015
great service
inki**** 03.01.2015
Tried to order, as shown below, don't look, order histories,
Please send unlock code by email after confirmation

nokia lumia 520 imei : 353045067012631

e-mail :  inki1023@naver.com
ceeg**** 26.12.2014
very fast, very helpful, will use service again in the future
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Unlock code BlackBerry


90% of BlackBerry smartphones sold RIM in all retail outlets all over world have lock to one operator so-called Network Lock.

To remove this restriction is required is needed unlock BlackBerry, this is process of entering into a smartphone special unlock code, him individual for each phone, and has an alternative name of the MEP code.
If inserted in your phone "not native" SIM card your phone will display top of screen "Invalid SIM Card" this means that phone to enter BlackBerry MEP code it is injected directly from phone keypad.

Our site will help you unlock BlackBerry, if you have no expensive equipment to unblocking smartphones from RIM, but you need to unlock BlackBerry smartphone from operator within 15 minutes via our website, to obtain unlock code enough know IMEI and MEP your phone.

How unlock BlackBerry?

Unlock code BlackBerry by IMEI and MEP - Unlock BlackBerry: IMEI and MEP phone required to order unlock codes for old and new security type for all models BlackBerry phones absolutely any operators.
We are all BlackBerry smartphones to clear network lock, including new model with a new algorithm protection. For our BlackBerry MEP server no matter what type phone security, old or new, buy MEP code and within 20 minutes (24\24) you unblocking BlackBerry with MEP code without any problems.

Method of unlock by entering into a smartphone NCK code only reliable way, because this way to reset network lock the operator laid RIM in all smartphones.
Our server BlackBerry works 24\24, this means that you can order and get unlock code Blackberry within 20 minutes

Before making order code on site, be sure to check if there is any attempt to use unlock code into your smartphone. A total of 10 attempts you have to enter MEP2 code, this applies to all models of BlackBerry. Sometimes there are situations when seller or owner introduces random "numbers "trying to "randomly" key your phone )), or enters incorrect codes received from "cheater" sources. If you enter 10 times incorrectly MEP phone the opportunity to personally unlock with this problem smartphone even on a paid basis is absent.
You can solve this problem in the Service Centers of Our partners in Ukraine and Russia, if necessary, contact us if You have no attempts to enter MEP2 code.

Manual how read IMEI and MEP BlackBerry:


How to find MEP and IMEI BlackBerry - instruction of how to read MEP code to unlock the BlackBerry smartphone, the link you can download the special program for reading IMEI and MEP, it is very simple to use, it has only one button and 2 fields from which you should copy data to order.

Necessarily in ordering, please specify MEP phone to unlock, country and operator, please mention if you know perfectly operator on which locked phone, if you dont know or doubt just not specify operator.

What is MEP code (MEP1, MEP2...):

MEP code - its analogue of Unlock code, NCK code... use this release of the operator's Network (unblock). RIM used 5 levels protection (MEP5, MEP4, MEP3, MEP2, MEP1) on their phones, as a rule are used MEP2, you must enter it when prompted phone, when the phone says "Invalid SIM card". Our default server provides all of the 5 types codes.

You can always get unlock code BlackBerry without expensive equipment ordered it through our server, MEP code by IMEI BlackBerry phones.

Calculation unlock code BlackBerry on our server fully automatic: register, fill up balance, order unlock code, get it in 20 minutes by email, enter it in the phone unlocked and use.


For Russian users get BlackBerry unlock codes by IMEI Instant

List of Models:

Supported models for unlock BlackBerry by MEP key:

7290, 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130, 8220, 8300 Curve, 8310, 8320, 8520, 8700, 8800, 8820, 8830, 8900, Bold 9000, Curve 3G 9300, 9315, 9320, 9360, Bold 9700, Bold 9780, 9790, Storm 9500, Storm 9530, Storm 2 9550, Tour 9630, Bold 9650, 9720, Torch 9800, Bold 9900, 9930 Bold, 9810 Torch, 9850\9860 Torch, P'9981, P'9982, P'9983, Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, Z3, Passport, Classic

For unlock BlackBerry by IMEI support any networks any country, example: USA T-mobile, Canada Rogers, Wind Mobile Canada, USA AT&T, USA Verizon, Sprint USA, France Orange, USA US.Cellular, Telefonica, Etisalat, Orange, Telia, Canada Fido, Movistar, O2, 3 UK, TMN, SFR, MTS, UK Virgin, Beeline, Vodacome Canada Telus, Bell, France Bouygues Telecom, Spain Orange (Amena Mobile), India Vodafone and other...

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Введите первые 14 цифр IMEI (посмотреть ИМЕЙ можно набрав на телефон комбинацию *#06) 15ая цифра сгенерируется автоматически.

Select your phone model.

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Select a country from which you need to unlock (if you do not know anything, do not specify)

Enter your MEP code for your mobile device.
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Delivery time Instant, OS 10 models 6-48 hours
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1. Support Team
15.09.2014 14:10:16
Place order
2. arit*******
13.09.2014 19:48:45
Hello guys could u help me out please 
I got BB 5489705067494526Z10 bought on ebay and it's locked guy sold me this told me it's unlocked phone so, i'm hoping you could help me to sort it out 
IMEI: 35489705067494526
Thanks :)
3. Support Team
23.06.2014 14:13:52
Add funds write to support for manual order
4. pran*******
23.06.2014 08:40:41
How do I place an order for BB  with MEP-04598-007 and IMEI 357966048417878, you guys say will cost $9 but I can not place order because price automatically is setting up for $5.
5. hary****************
29.01.2014 20:03:36
need unlock BB CURVE 8520
IMEI : 359428033674359
PRD : 22578 020
6. Support Team
13.01.2014 17:07:48
For OS 10 models need only IMEI for place order
7. | *****62.205.
13.01.2014 14:30:35
hello, I entered in os engineering screen but I still dont finde under device info, the MEP number.

if you need I can send you a print screen from my Blackberry Q5 so you can see . please help about Mep number in order to unlock my Q5 with your service, 

your bblogger is no working for my q5

8. | *****62.205.
12.01.2014 15:21:22
plz sand me unlock code my imei#355256024080565
9. Support Team
22.10.2013 16:59:01
BlackBerry Z10 Vodafone UK IMEI 3529******996 unlock коды  MEP2:8106163258439173 MEP4:3385396658851165 
10. Support Team
30.09.2013 18:17:49
unlocked: Blackberry Q10 United Kingdom Vodafone 3567****382182 MEP2: 4543845154141014 MEP4: 2606343112859903 
11. | *****62.205.
08.09.2013 01:57:20
Ok,thank you
12. | *****5.207.1
01.09.2013 04:47:59
unlock it please
13. sylc*************
09.08.2013 22:35:20
how can i unlock my 8520 black berry
14. | *****62.205.
18.06.2013 17:25:48
please how can i unblock my blackberry mep 
15. Support Team
22.04.2013 16:55:52
Yes can by this tool
16. tuun************************
22.04.2013 14:38:00
how can i unlocked network MEP code, it appears when i used my UCALL sim card??
17. | *****62.205.
15.04.2013 16:48:07
18. | *****62.205.
01.04.2013 10:33:17
I need to unblock my BB
19. | *****178.137
24.03.2013 09:18:30
20. | *****62.205.
09.03.2013 00:46:01
how can i unblock my blackberry mep 
21. | *****93.186.
07.03.2013 10:46:33
please hurry up
22. | *****62.205.
05.02.2013 03:06:15
8520 need fi unlock
23. Support Team
21.12.2012 11:17:13
Now MEP0 BlackBerry anybody cant unlock
24. saha********
21.12.2012 11:16:30
My BB 8900  UK Orange MEP code 0 attempts instead of 10 . n not able to unlock this mobile, can be unlock this device.