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mold******** 19.03.2015
Iphone 5S At&t unlocked
Iphone 5 At&t unlocked 
loro****** 09.03.2015
So far 3 Huawei unlocks. Processed quickly and worked perfect on each phone. Happy with the service
ims3*********** 16.02.2015
samsung s5 poland unlocked
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Price: 4 $ Delivery time: 8 - 24 hour Server On Orders count:186

Huawei SIMLock block Unlock Reset Key

With this service you will get 1 reset unlock code for all phones and new models 3G modems Huawei.

Factory Unlock code Huawei - the source of both codes unlock: SIM Lock, and SIM Pin is the default base of the manufacturer, it gives You a 100% guarantee of efficiency unlock code.
Buying Huawei SimLock unlock reset Key) , You get 1 code to unlock the operator.

This service will also help you in case if You have exhausted attempts to enter the NCK SIM PIN Network code, having code, you can use the first key (SIM card Lock) reset the counter attempts to enter the unlock code, and with the help of the second code (SIM PIN) unblocking from the operator to use the phone or modem in any GSM networks.

All these and other models can be enabled by using unblock code Huawei factory database.

To one free unlock Huawei phone/tablet/modem, which blocked by any operator is possible, if down page it is not in list available devices to unlock (warning! use search (Ctrl+F in your browser) on page to looking your model.
You need register and post topic on forum:
In message write your login on site, IMEI, model, device type (modem, tablet or phone) write requires text for device unlocking, country\operator to which locked.
Also you must take display photo and photo back under battery or display screen, where device ask unlock code with another SIM card.
Upload these photos on any web site, and paste link in your message, click "Submit new Thread".
After create Thread you wil see social networks buttons (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LiveJournal). You need to make at least any 3 repost (after this paste URL link to your reposted page)

List of Models:

Supported Huawei mobile 3G/4G modem for unlock by IMEI:


E171, E352 Megafon, E303 HiLink, E353, E353s-1, E353s-2, E353u-1, E363, E367, E372, E392, E1820
E5331s-2, E5830, E5832, E583x, E5836, E5837 Orange, U2801, Y511, B593
Impulse 4G, Impulse 4G AT&T USA, E960
E367 Megafon Russia\Orange,
B183, B220, U9500 D1, U9000
U120, U1220s, U1270, U1250, U1280: UCELL UZ
U5110, MTC 752, U5700, U5900 Velcom, U7510, U6150, U7512 Wind, U7517, U7519, U7519
U7520, U8110, U8150 Ideos Orange Moldova, U8666-1 (Ascend Y201)
U8150, U8160: МТС Mini \МТС 950\Vodafone 858 Smarti, U8180 Ideos X1\Gaga\Orange Stockholm
, U8185-1 Ascend Y100 U8220, U8230, U8100, Mediapad, T-Mobile Springboard,
U8300, U8350 Boulder МТС Pro\Orange Barcelona, U8500 МТС Evo, Е300, Beeline E300, U8510 Ideos X3, U8650 МТС 955, U8652, U8655, U8655-1, UMG 587 T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot, G7206 (Peru Movistar), G610, G700, G700-U20, E1756 U8651T (T-Mobile Prism),
U8800, U8815 (Ascend G300), U8816 (Ascend G301), Ascend Mate, U8950-1, G500 Pro, MTC VIVA U8660, U8836d, U8860 Honor, Honor 3 HN3-U00, U8825d G330d, W1, W1-U00
G2200, G2200c, G2201, G6600, G6620, G7210
, G7300
S7 Ideos, T-mobile Pulse Mini, MediaPad (Orange Tahiti)
Vodafone 725, 810, V830, Ideos X5, INQ Chat 3G, INQ Mini 3G

Support for unlock Huawei ALL GSM networks: Belorussia MTS, UK 3, UK Orange, Ukraine MTS, Ukraine Life, Yoigo Spain, UK Vodafone, Kyivstar Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan Bitel, Armenia Karabakh Telecom Belorussia Life, Ucell UZ, Comviq GSM, Etisalat Egypt, Russia Megafon, Uzbekistan MTS,
Vivacell Armenia, Moldova Unite, Moldova Moldcell, Russia Beeline, Rus MTS, Switzerland Swisscom Natel, T-mobile, Moldova Orange, LMT Latvia, Norway Tele2 etc...

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Price 4 $
Discount price  4 $
Delivery time 8 - 24 hour
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1. Support Team
20.03.2015 23:58:47
ok, order
2. | *****
20.03.2015 23:10:44
I need Np sim unlock code for huawei Y220-
3. Support Team
20.03.2015 00:22:14
ok, you can order code
4. | *****
19.03.2015 00:44:47
i need sim unlock code 864035020956265.
5. | *****
06.02.2015 16:54:05
6. Support Team 2
25.12.2014 11:07:09
order this service 
7. | *****77.52.3
25.12.2014 05:21:07
I want Huawei g6c network unlock code
8. Support Team 2
08.12.2014 13:17:19
order this service 
9. | *****37.54.1
08.12.2014 06:10:04
I need to unlock my Huawei y200
10. Support Team
17.11.2014 16:28:48
support ALL models, itc Factory unlock code
11. | *****62.205.
17.11.2014 01:42:58
I have model huawei C199 or G7 for Vodafone Italy and there isn't on Model list, what I have to do?
thank yoy
12. | *****62.205.
15.11.2014 17:05:36
i have E303s-2 modem for MTN Afghanistan and i want to unlock in order to use it in Pakistan for any operator,please help 
13. Support Team
03.11.2014 13:22:15
We can calc SPC code for many CDMA Huawei device, write to our email http://www.imei-server.com/site/contact
14. | *****62.205.
02.11.2014 04:55:29
I want unlock for Huawei C199 cdma network for use on Indonesia.What should i do for that?
15. webe***
24.09.2014 17:38:23
i need the unlock code for Huawei ascend w1 with IMEI: 869214010649942. I use mtn in Ghana. Thank you.
16. | *****62.205.
20.09.2014 01:39:20
hello I need your help please as I put a new vodaphone sim card in my phone and it keeps coming up with sim unlock BLOCK can u send me a code please my imei number is 861229016938592  if you could help me that would be great thankyou! 
17. | *****94.45.4
18.09.2014 16:25:31
pls help unlock sim block,, IMEI: 868496016087737
18. | *****37.115.
03.09.2014 21:52:06
T-mobile Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot UMG587. 
IMEI: 355898040805457 
19. yahy*******
21.08.2014 00:39:10
y530 locked by tigo tanzania imei 86953010495148
20. Kwiz*
20.08.2014 14:27:02
i nid an unlock code for y100 locked to mtn uganda
imei 862886011918512
21. | *****188.17.
06.08.2014 04:15:16
dear sir i need unlock sim block for huawei u8730 Q (T-Mobile 

imie 861521012612225
22. | *****77.52.1
19.07.2014 21:27:26
Hi help me I can't unlock my phone pls send me a code
23. | *****62.205.
19.07.2014 15:30:16
network pin lock please help me 
IMEI 862752023760518 in afghanistan
24. Support Team
11.07.2014 10:51:12
upload balance order code
25. fran*****
11.07.2014 08:12:48
Hi, my login name is francisao
Please assist me to unlock my phone.
IMEI 356568040909943
model: Huawei U8800 phone
Carrier AT&T, need to unlock so phone can be used in 
Hong Kong
Many Thanks.
26. | *****62.205.
08.07.2014 21:52:24
27. | *****62.205.
26.06.2014 14:24:21
Help plz , Huawei Y100 IMEI:862886010032562
unlock sim cartd plz!! 
28. | *****37.115.
11.06.2014 22:43:05
Can I pay in euro with paypal?
29. | *****37.115.
11.06.2014 07:38:01
866601016581231 huawei y220 network unlock code this is my imei 
30. | *****62.205.
10.06.2014 02:55:17
Can you send me the Simlock Block Unlock Reset Key of Huawei Ascend G300 (U8815)
IMEI : 861229011105973
Thank you