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20 January 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
Guys always very helpful, quick to response to any questions I had. Very reliable, fast with no delays. Haven’t seen more reliable service and without any doubts they are best. Thank you for your service, everything works great i been helped already with 3-4 different phone companies they never let me down. 
Tomek Koszela
05 January 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
Realy fast realisation process. Everything works great. Thank You. 

Szybko i sprawnie. telefon działa jak należy. Dziękuję POLECAM
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Huawei unlock codes

With this service you will receive all types of Huawei unlock codes. This base is older. It is suitable for Huawei phones, tablets and modems. ALL GSM operators of the World are supported.
Only NCK code is provided for modems, since there is no reset code for them.With this service you will receive all types of Huawei unlock codes. This base is older. It is suitable for Huawei phones, tablets and modems. .
IMPORTANT: Before ordering codes, make sure that the device asks for the code and you can enter it.
The code request might look like this:
  • SIMLock unlock key
  • SIM network unlock PIN
  • Unlock device
  • SIMLOCK Block Unlock Reset Key

If your model is not supported by this service, you can order the code via Huawei Factory base: NCK codes from factory

How to order:
  • Enter IMEI device. View IMEI can dial *#06#. In the field, enter the first 14 digits of IMEI, the last digit is generated automatically. This field is required.
  • Select your model from the list.
  • Comments field can be left blank. 
Carefully fill in all mandatory fields. After the server will return a code, you will get it at the email you provided during registration.


List of Models:

Only models from this list are supported:


  • Ascend G500, Ascend Y220, Ascend Y221, 
  • E155, E1550, E1551, E1552, E1553, E1555X, E156, E166C, E156G, E156X, E158, E159, E159G, E160, E1609, E160E, E160G, E161, 
  • E1612, E1615, E1616, E1630, E1632, E166, E166G, E169, E1690, E1692, E169G, E170, E170G, E171, E172, E172G, E173, E1731, E1732,
  • E176, E1762, E177, E1780, E180, E1800, E1803, E180G, E180S, E181, E1815, E182, E1820, E1823, E182E, E1831, E188, E196, E2010, E216, E219, E220,
  • E226, E22X, E230, E270, E271, E272, E303, E3131, E352, E353, E353WS, E353WS-2, E355, E357, E362, E367, E368, E369, E372, E392, E397, E398, E510, 
  • E5531, E5531s-2, E585, E586, E612, E618, E620, E630, E630+, E660, E660A, E800, E770, E880, EG162, EG162G, EG602, EG602G, EM770J, F316, F317, F317-20
  • F317-30, F317-40, F362, F362-20, F362-30, 
  • G20, G2800, G2800S, G3620, G3620L, G3621, G3621L, G6005, G6602, G6608, G6620, G7210, G7220,
  • R201, R205, R206, R207, R208, R210, 
  • U8836D, 
  • Y220-U00, Y220-U05, Y220-U07, Y220-U17, Y221-U03, Y221-U12, Y221-U22, Y336-U02, Y560-U03
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Price 2.50 $
Discount price  2.50 $
Delivery time 10 - 30 min. [automatically]
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14.07.2017 08:33:47
just*************, for individual consultation, please contact the support service of the site: support@imei-server.ru
2. just*************
13.07.2017 22:30:34
Ordered the code for 48 hours does not come, why?
Although written 10-30 minutes
29.05.2017 16:09:48
carl****************, Please consult through the support service of the site: support@imei-server.com
4. carl****************
28.05.2017 09:08:51
Got a code from another site for my huawei Y360 u23. However, when I inserted the foreign usim, phone says "The slot has been permanently locked". There is nowhere to enter unlock code. What can I do?
15.12.2016 10:56:28
this service is not availabil
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