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effa******************* 21.07.2015
My huawei ascend y220 was unlocked successfully...good job!!!
kgjd****************** 19.07.2015
hi I found an iPhone 5 on a taxi on my way home bare bodied with no case with the SIM card and slot missing.I have had it for awhile and now I'm try to get it unlocked or sold because it's been here as dead weight. CAN I GET HELP FROM SOMEONE PLEASE
norc*************** 18.07.2015
I need a phone
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Price: 70 $ Delivery time: 1-2 week Server On Orders count:205

Removing Apple ID iCloud ANY iPhone, iPad, iPod -  [Clean Lost Erased Stolen]

This service is designed to remove the lock Apple ID iCloud to ANY phone models mode Lost / Erased / Stolen. If your iPhone, iPad or iPod asks for a username and password, you do not know, with the help of this service you can solve this problem. It supports all models of iPhone and all iPad, iPod in any state (including those without the GSM module).
In the usual order, when the drop-down list, you select a model, the order data recovery Apple ID is required to do. Such removal is performed fundamentally different way not only IMEI, but also all information Apple Account ID. Chance remote locking via a new server is now about 75%. Order data recovery services here.
  • If your device has an IMEI, you need to specify it in the field for the IMEI. If you do not have IMEI, specify IMEI 111111111111111.'s IMEI by typing * # 06 # in the order form you need to enter the first 14 digits of IMEI, the last digit is generated automatically.
  • Device UDID can not write.
  • For those who have the IMEI, the serial number is not needed. If the IMEI has been specified as follows: 111111111111111, the serial number - SN device MUST be filled.
  • Select the device model
  • If you have ordered the removal of the lock is not through the server 1, but simply choose your model from the list, the comment field are mandatory !!! Copy in the comment the result of data recovery Apple ID. These checks on the IMEI or any other information or clarification is not necessary! Only data Apple ID.
  • Also in the field is a comment on a new line ALWAYS need to add a link to a photo of your phone screen. On the request of the data to be displayed Apple ID. A link can be to any resource for file storage, but not limited to the term of storage, for example - http://clip2net.com, http://iscr.ru, https://yadi.sk, http: // www. foto.hz.by or whatever. When you click on a link picture to be displayed at once - without downloads a file, without "passwords." Reference should be only one !!! Screens with the IMEI or other data do not need! You can not sketch anything in the picture. If you violate any of these requirements, order will be canceled!
  • Example of correctly completed field comment:

 First Name Last Name DSID Email Address City / State / Zip Country Inspect Inspect Evgeny Subbotin 1644796087 davidi@me.com Surgut, null 628 405 RUS


  • There are no superfluous words "result", "Link to photo" should not be written. If the result of the characters have nothing to edit not necessary. Just copy this form, the result in the comment.
  • After properly filling the order form presses - "Checkout". If you did everything correctly, the ordering process will be displayed in your control panel.
NOTE: When ordering services through a server # 1 to do data recovery Apple ID is not necessary! To remove the lock need only your IMEI. The probability of success when ordering via the server # 1 is up to 90%.
IMPORTANT: if unlock did not work, you will receive a cancellation, and credits will automatically return to your account on the site.
Forum Discussion removal services APPLE ID (lock iCloud) iCloud password removal service

Way around the Active Lock protection

This service is designed for password removal of iCloud or "Find my iPhone" (Apple ID) if you forgot or don't know the Apple ID or password (including if you bought the used phone). If your phone requests the Apple ID as shown in the picture - this service will help you to take the lock off.


or this:


List of Models:

Dont write to email or chat with your questions:

Can you remove iCloued password?

YES! order here by IMEI

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Price 70 $
Discount price  70 $
Delivery time 1-2 week
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1. | *****62.205.
06.04.2014 04:10:35
please i need your help,i can't have international credit cart, what i can do ? my imei 358685050842141, i beg you guys.
2. | *****62.205.
04.04.2014 07:44:40
imel : iPhone 4S
16GB Black

IMEI: 013186006709077
can you help me ?
3. saka********************
03.04.2014 21:28:05

4. | *****62.205.
03.04.2014 10:40:11
IMEI : 013890002210556
please help me 
5. | *****62.205.
02.04.2014 14:44:52
ples help
6. | *****37.115.
01.04.2014 22:13:23
You can help me about my problem please remove icloud id 
7. | *****37.115.
01.04.2014 20:48:01
Thank you very much apple ID please give me account 
Please send the email follows 
kskop.king @ yahoo.com
8. | *****62.205.
31.03.2014 15:36:13
Can you remove Apple ID activation lock?
9. Support Team
28.03.2014 15:41:16
This tool today restart
10. | *****37.52.2
28.03.2014 14:44:29
Unlock Icloud ID? 013138001181034
11. abid*************
03.02.2014 09:30:46
Can you remove Apple ID activation lock?
 MIEI:- 013360001119265
 saad saleh alghamdi
 EMAIL;- abidoja@gmail.com
 mobail :- 00966565514119
 mailbox  7573
 KSA- alkharj 11942 
12. mort*************
03.02.2014 01:50:14
I hope you remove any Cloud I am poor and pushed everything belongs to Saad daughter
                           IMEI: 013045009911447
13. haz1*************
02.02.2014 21:40:30
iPhone iPhone5 16GB Black
Limited Warranty:2012-02-09 / 2013-02-09
Sold to country:IRAQ
Carrier:I do not know something about this please help
SIM-Lock Status: Locked
Please help I am poor
14. mayt*****************
02.02.2014 13:43:47
please help me icloud locked 
IMEI : 358548050530100
15. | *****62.205.
31.01.2014 21:44:12
Can you remove Apple ID activation lock?

Thank you
imie  013410004888745
16. Support Team
30.01.2014 19:20:52
17. rjcl************
30.01.2014 17:27:18
Can you remove Apple ID activation?

18. | *****62.205.
30.01.2014 00:55:26
can you remove icould or unlock

19. | *****62.205.
28.01.2014 20:38:37
I am very sad I bought Apple iphone 5 and put it everything I have money and I am poor, and the case when re-tuning the factory will ask iD and I do not know him, because I bought a used please, please help
IMEI : 013789002628074
20. | *****62.205.
28.01.2014 17:01:45
Can you remove Apple ID activation
21. hdyo*****************
23.01.2014 21:31:17
Can you remove Apple ID activation?

22. anto****************
22.01.2014 19:14:16
can you help me to remove
23. | *****62.205.
22.01.2014 08:24:45
My IMEI:012851008362313
Can you remove Apple ID activation lock? 

please help me
24. | *****62.205.
22.01.2014 07:02:36
25. | *****62.205.
22.01.2014 06:44:06
Please unlock my iPhone my ex blocked it 
Imei 013433006205742
26. grea****************
22.01.2014 03:48:20
can u plz unlock this
IMEI: 013619008645683
27. | *****62.205.
22.01.2014 03:10:30
Can you remove Apple ID activation lock iphone 4S
Thank you    My children are the reason young lock the iPhone Please help me I am a simple man and gift me this phone
28. happ******************
17.01.2014 14:57:15
Can you remove Apple ID activation 
29. | *****62.205.
17.01.2014 00:42:49
Can you remove Apple ID activation lock?
 Thank you imei:358550050181629
30. | *****62.205.
16.01.2014 23:16:11
Can you remove Apple ID activation lock?
Thank you  (358550050181629