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Thomas Probst 11 September 2016
Wow, what an excellent service! I appreciate your effort! Was fast, and worth every Rappen 
Best regards, Thomas
iam 07 September 2016
Did my payment more than two weeks ago, but see it not on the balance card.

How long to wait?
Jecky Christwoyanto 10 August 2016
Please refund my money.
I had waiting 2 weeks.
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ATF eMMC Tool 5.0 SM-J700F/H/K/M/P/8 Exynos 7 Update

ATF developers provide updated ATF eMMC Tool version 5.0.In this version was added support for eMMC flashing (Direct Write) for Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7580 Based Phones:

Samsung SM-J7008

Samsung SM-J700F

Samsung SM-J700H

Samsung SM-J700K

Samsung SM-J700M

Samsung SM-J700P

Samsung SM-A310M

Samsung SM-A310N0

Samsung SM-A310Y

Samsung SM-A5108

Samsung SM-A510F

Samsung SM-A510K

Samsung SM-A510L

Samsung SM-A510M

Samsung SM-A510S

Samsung SM-A510Y

Samsung SM-A710F

Samsung SM-A710K

Samsung SM-A710L

Samsung SM-A710M

Samsung SM-A7100

Samsung SM-A710S

Samsung SM-A710Y

Samsung SM-G903F

Samsung SM-G903FD

Samsung SM-G903M

Samsung SM-G903W

Samsung SM-T670

Samsung SM-T677A

Samsung SM-T677K

Samsung SM-T677L

Samsung SM-T677V

(added a feature to repair DEAD BOOT. Repair these phones via eMMC Connection)

- For Image Tool - Samsung Unbrick Image Creator 3.0 added support for more Exynos CPUS:

Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7580

Samsung Exynos 5 Hexa 5260

Samsung Exynos 4 Quad 4415

Samsung Exynos 3 Quad 3475

(added a feature to create SD Card Unbrick files for phones Based on these CPUs).

You can order  Activation, logs, credits of ATF at this link.

Advance Turbo Flasher

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