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Thomas Probst
11 September 2016
Wow, what an excellent service! I appreciate your effort! Was fast, and worth every Rappen 
Best regards, Thomas
07 September 2016
Did my payment more than two weeks ago, but see it not on the balance card.

How long to wait?
Jecky Christwoyanto
10 August 2016
Please refund my money.
I had waiting 2 weeks.
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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/Spreadtrum v1.21 update

Present to your attention Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/Spreadtrum v1.21 update. 

Credits/Activations/Logs for Infinity-Box 

SPD SP Platform

- FlashLoader package updated
SC773x Loaders updated: Android 6 / C-revision 
SC5735 Loaders updated: Alternative Loader 
Support for new FL+DRAM types: Latest SC773x 

- PAC creator tool introduced
Allow Convert Infinity PAC.SC firmware to SPRD Factory PAC files!
Not need read all FW's again, if you need have PAC file - just convert it
Result PAC contain all need NVM , build and info settings, like factory one!
Supported CPUs and versions: 
NAND: SC8830,SC7715 - WorldFirst !
eMMC: SC7715, SC7730, SC7731, SC8830, SC9830, SC5735 
>PAC files fully compatible with SPD Factory loader ( UpgradeDownload / ResearchDownload / FactoryDownload )
>PAC files fully compatible with CM2SPD 
>PAC files contain all NVM, partitions and etc. data for COMPLETE phone rebuild

- FW updater tool 
Allow update Infinity PAC.SC files for eMMC phones ( rebuild product-specific partitions )
Useful for some specific phones, which stuck/not power on after flashing ( if problem on SW side )
That option update FW files WITHOUT any BAD effect

- Flash Engine updated
Changes according R4 revision
PAC files handling improved

- Firmware Reading improved
New types supported
Brand-specific improvements

- Service operations improved
Improved HWInfo Read/Write module 
NAND: During Identify also will be shown FlashIC type and Info ( Block/Page details )
eMMC/NAND: More release-specific info shown during identify
NVM operations improved ( 4G devices mostly, BBFix operation improved )

- Other 
New CPU set activated: SC7730/SC7731 RevC / Android 6 ( AltLDR option also activated )
Some improvements and bugfixes at all

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] update to version 1.84

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