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Luis Orozco
13 December 2016
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
    07 December 2016
    All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
    Very fast Very quick 2 days its done my iphone icloud off i love it but the problem is very expansive imei-server best website ever  
    Thomas Probst
    11 September 2016
    Wow, what an excellent service! I appreciate your effort! Was fast, and worth every Rappen 
    Best regards, Thomas
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    New service:  Sony – Network Check by IMEI [Online information]

    Now you can get complete information about any model of Sony smartphones. Using the remote check service you will receive information about the model, country and operator, the term of the guarantee, as well as other data. Example:

    IMEI: 3574377555*****
    Model: C5303
    Marketing name: Xperia SP
    Last seen: 2015-11-17 11:07:58
    Current version: 12.1.A.1.205

    Software info
    Name: Jelly Bean
    Version: 4.3
    Release: 2013-02
    Status: LatestAndFinal

    Warranty info
    Warranty ends: 2015-12-08
    CDA: 1272-1168
    Initial Carrier: Vodafone
    Country: ES - Spain
    Factory Simlock Status: Locked

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