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06 March 2017
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
Очень быстро !!!
Luis Orozco
13 December 2016
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
    07 December 2016
    All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
    Very fast Very quick 2 days its done my iphone icloud off i love it but the problem is very expansive imei-server best website ever  
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    Update Infinity Nokia [BEST] v2.26

    Present to your attention new update - Infinity Nokia [BEST] v2.26.

    You can buy credits, activations and logs for Infinity by the link - 

    Credits/Activations/Logs for Infinity-Box 


    - Lumia Flash Engine updated

    - Boot repair procedure now supported for Lumia 640 line!

    FIXED: RM-1062 Lumia 640 XL LTE
    FIXED: RM-1066 Lumia 640 XL 
    FIXED: RM-1067 Lumia 640 XL DualSim
    NEW: RM-1074 Lumia 640 LTE
    FIXED: RM-1075 Lumia 640 DualSim
    FIXED: RM-1077 Lumia 640 DualSim
    FIXED: RM-1113 Lumia 640 LTE DualSim

    Now you can repair this phones boots easy, fast and over USB.

    *Note: LumiaRepairPack_v1.05 must be installed!

    - NaviManager updated
    Changes in download engine
    Link genereation also show links in log ( remember about they have limit lifitime! )
    PC Downloader: New MS-notation product code download support
    Codes like M10XXXXX-001 (MS-notation) and old 059XXXX (Nokia-notation)

    - Other 
    Some bugfixes and improvements at all

    Infinity BEST v1.88

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