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21 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
sweet love your sl3 service. Codes are always correct. thanks
20 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
thank youu
10 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
wow great and fast service. took just 24 hours. great work. ill always recommend the service
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Terms and conditions www.imei-server.com


The Agreement shall enter into force upon registration.

1. Agreement may be changed without warning, the new version takes effect from the date of its placement.
2. Buying credits allows you to make orders online in site.
3. You buy credits with which the order is already doing the necessary items on the site. The main clients of site are people professionally engaged in repairing mobile phones, service center and know all the details and principles of services that are used on this site, we are pleased to welcome well as end users, but we recommend always read rules of site and read ALL information on service tool page or product order page.
4. Transfer of the resale of its current account (username and password) is forbidden, you get a non-transferable right to use their registration
5. If you have in your balance credits and not have order in process you can withdraw credits from system, made within twenty working days (usually conclude within seven working days) from date of the application received by email through the Liqpay.
For order to withdraw money from system you need to send us an email to support@imei-server.com which should contain all the data: login in site, date of service activation, tool\service name, reason for withdrawal, mobile account number Liqpay.
6. Before ordering product or service site user shall examine it needs the service description page order, to take into account all nuances and requirements, if not possible to use information from external sources (official website developer, thematic forums, etc.) for reliability of information on third-party resource site www.imei-server.com not responsible. Checkout on site user agrees to act in accordance with terms and conditions of site and assumes full responsibility for accuracy of data when placing an order (for example: serial number, MEP, S\N, country, operator, device model, device ID, IMEI, etc . etc.) and agrees that it fully owns enough information to use in their view of the result. User ordering assumes all responsibility including negative result if mistakes were made when completing order form.

7. Before ordering unlock Apple iPhone, you must first order service Apple iPhone information by IMEI to be 100% confident in your statement and your phone, be sure to specify the correct model and country network provider (if your model or carrier in order not to coincide with the actual phone model in the case of an unsuccessful unlock credits will not be returned).

For correct ordering, ALWAYS you must first order service Apple iPhone\iPad check carrier/lock Status


Dont make order for unlock iPhone AT&T USA, if you dont agree with our rules of order this service.
Company policy ATT is that if client does not pay contract tied or phone is stolen is unlocked using our service iPhone AT&T by IMEI may be re-locked.
If your IMEI re-lock return credits impossibly, if you dont agree with this condition dont make order to unlock.
Iphone with full paid contract have special code - Applied Activation Policy ID: 52 for check this using services Apple iPhone\iPad check carrier/lock Status

8. If you want cancel any order on site you will need apply and wait for our confirmation of cancellation. If order is displayed with status "In process" in your Control Panel to apply for its cancellation in form email to support@imei-server.com if possible to cancel to do it. After cancel order you will receive email notification that your order is canceled, as you will see in your Control Panel order status site in the archives of the "Order cancel, Client reject" After canceling, you can apply for withdrawal credit from our server. Term of consideration of applications for cancellation of 1 - 30 working days of receipt of a well-formed email on the abolition of the order.

9. Withdraw credits can if N\A code in database, if the return code is received credits refund impossible, if code does not work within then 2 days after order is processed on the site you need to provide good quality video which shows the whole process and all necessary order information (IMEI via *#06# of the process of entering code, the code itself), then according to the customer, we can return the money if you dont have time for two days to provide the video evidence the wrong code, a return credits is impossible. After recording the video you want to download it on youtube.com and send us a link to the text in email to  support@imei-server.com which should contain data: login in site, order date, IMEI, received unlock code. Within 14 working days, we consider an application for refund, basically all orders are processed within three working days.

9.1 Withdraw credits can only by PAYPAL

10. Site administrator may request from a client documents proving his identity to avoid fraudulent activity on his part in the event of a client does not receive an opportunity to use the site www.imei-server.com

11. All required fields of tool\services to fill in very carefully and indicate valid data! error in any one character or digit in the IMEI, SN, MEP, Provider ID, Country\Network etc.. or any required fields may cause the code that you do not fit, return credits is not possible! If you find an error after your order let us know about it as soon as possible of the site.

12. As a rule all these terms are real and are constantly monitored, some services work directly with the database and does not require human intervention, so it allows you to get the code or log around the clock for 5 minutes. (For example: HTC, BlackBerry, LG, Samsung, Omnius, D-Ultimate Unlocker, etc.) We monitor it and as information becomes available to edit. On rare occasions there are delays caused by the source, we can not simply "forget" does not fulfill your order, if possible we inform customers of possible delays in the receipt of service\tool, all terms except the Real time services are for business days, but we try (try - means do not guarantee) that the majority of services were available and on weekends to minimal delays.

13. All disputes, personal correspondence with administration are confidential and prohibited from disclosing any information to third parties.

14. Any changes in site (information, descriptions, dates, prices, terms, etc.) come into force from the date of placement changes, any change in price up or down side is to unilaterally