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29 November 2017
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
iphone 7
15 June 2017
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
Works like a charm! Thanks a lot! 
24 May 2017
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
Thanks! My mediapad T1-701u is now unlocked with great success! 
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DC-Unlocker version V1.00.0764

In version V1.00.0764 has been added to the following models:

Phones: Huawei U5900 Huawei U5110 Huawei U8107 ZTE T50 ZTE C100 ZTE Jack 3G ZTE F160 (error 114) SFR Starshine

Modem: Sierra Wireless AirCard753S Mobile Hotspot Huawei E192 Huawei E271 Huawei D03HW Longcheer WM71 ( New firmware LWA0002.2.2_MG21) Longcheer WM72 ZTE MF193 ZTE MF683 Kustomizirovanye (individual) modem: Huawei E153 (Tanzania \ Tanzania, Tigo) 11.609.20.00.787 (April 8, 2011 13:38:47); Huawei E153 (Tanzania \ Tanzania , Tigo) 11.609.18.02.787 (May 30, 2011 13:12:43); Huawei E173 (operator: Vietnamobile) (October 9, 2011 12:54:20); Huawei E173 (operator: Safaricom) 11.126 .15.00.94 (November 26, 2010 11:35:43); ZTE MF100 BD_BLNUZP671A1V1.0.0B01 (operator: Beeline / Beeline)


  • DC Unlocker is a program specialized for unlock phones and 3G modems;
  • This is the first most versatile software to unlock the product mostly 3G modem from around the world;
  • It's quick (it takes 5 - 60 seconds to unlock), easy to use and functional program with friendly interface;
  • Constant updating: models are being added regularly;
  • No need to choose the COM-ports (auto sensing);
  • Free updates;
  • FULL dongle key DC-unlocker have 50 credits in the account to use special functions;

Buy Account Dc-Unlocker (name and password)

Buy dongle DC-Unlocker * can be on our site.

Free Download Dc-Unlocker links:

Download DC-unlocker from Depositfiles
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* DC-Unlocker dongle (hardware key protection in the form of USB flash) allows you to unlock most of the operations for free, or do unlock some models are cheaper.


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