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Thomas Probst 11 September 2016
Wow, what an excellent service! I appreciate your effort! Was fast, and worth every Rappen 
Best regards, Thomas
iam 07 September 2016
Did my payment more than two weeks ago, but see it not on the balance card.

How long to wait?
Jecky Christwoyanto 10 August 2016
Please refund my money.
I had waiting 2 weeks.
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Unlock iPhone Zain Bahrain

Exists a carrier Zain, which refers to the country, well, more precisely, to the Kingdom of Bahrain. So, this will be particularly exciting news for those who managed to get the iPhone which locked to this carrier.

So, now available to unlock Apple gadgets from this service provider. Note, however, that the service is only available for devices without jailbreaking, and that range is still small, ie only available models such as the 4 and 4s.

Well, if you have 4 or 4s iPhone and it is blocked by Zain Bahrain, and with all this it is have not hacked, then we can help you.

Need to begin from the ordering of one of these services:

Apple iPhone information by IMEI (display carrier to whom locked iPhone, if the phone was activated by iTunes)

Apple iPhone carrier / lock status (carrier, sim lock status, Blacklist: Yes \ No display even if the iPhone has not been activated by iTunes)

Important! Without definition of the carrier we can not unlock your phone.

If the whole procedure is done correctly, then you get the iPhone, which is able to work with a SIM card of any carrier, and is able to upgrade to any version of the OS.

And no less important to you is that all of the above is official!

Order of service to Unlock iPhone Zain Bahrain

Unlock iPhone Zain Bahrain

General information about unlocking Apple iPhone will be helpful to you, after reading that you can also visit the forum




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22.05.2014 08:20:47
can i openline my iphone 4 to the Philippines