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29 November 2017
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
iphone 7
15 June 2017
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
Works like a charm! Thanks a lot! 
24 May 2017
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
Thanks! My mediapad T1-701u is now unlocked with great success! 
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Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] was updated to version v1.91

We inform about updated Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] to version v1.91 - added support for Wp 8.1 and new opportunities MTKx.
Major updates and additions to the new version of Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.91:
1. Firmware USB was improved:
  • supported firmware WP 8.1;
  • firmware WP 8.0 revised (bug fix WinXP Dead Mode);
  • firmware of process MTKx revised - support MTK6260 was improved;
  • treatment MTKx "Repair Flash" improved - support MTK6260 was improved.
2. Functions unlocking:
  • MTKx - added Log reading for 15-bit phone MTK6260 (Nokia 225, etc.).
3. Improved service operations:
  • MTKx - function to secure relief UserCode MTK6260 implemented;
  • a new way for remove the code MTK6260. All security settings are set by default. Code is set by default - 12345;
  • no need format the mobile phone;
  • all UserData will be saved;
  • MTKx - improved operations RPL;
  • MTKx - repair MAUI improved with support for Nokia 225;
  • MTKx - function Security Verify improved with supporting new edition MTK6260;
  • WP8x - Support phones with WP8.1 in mode NormalMode (Read Info, operation NVM).
4. NaviManager:
  • updated database - supported by all recent WP8x, Asha, MTKx, NXP firmware;
  • revised database;
  • revised selection process after downloading the product;
  • updated database Asha OS PPM ID, records added in 1020.
5. Added support for new models:
  • RM-974 - Nokia Lumia 630 SS [Moneypenny LTE] (WP8x).
6. Other changes and additions:
  • updated and revised files Ini;
  • support 4-digit of index (RM-1xxx) in MTKx, WP8, NXP FlashTabs corrected;
  • improved verification FFU, FastCheck, product selection (WP8.1);
  • package repair of MAUI for RM-1011, RM-1012, RM-1043 is loaded on the support;
  • new USB drivers for WP8x, MTKx, NXP platform uploaded to support area;
  • fixed other bugs.
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