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21 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
sweet love your sl3 service. Codes are always correct. thanks
20 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
thank youu
10 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
wow great and fast service. took just 24 hours. great work. ill always recommend the service
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Update ATF – version with support Lumia WP8.1, SPI, Androidi Samsung JTAG

We inform about update and a new version of ATF with support Nokia Lumia WP8.1 + Nokia Android + SPI Programmer + Samsung JTAG.
Major changes and additions in the updated version:
1. Updates Nokia Lumia WP 8.1 on based Microsoft:
  • module of firmware Windows Phone for support Lumia 630 and 635 was updated;
  • module Windows Phone Normal Mode for support Lumia 630 and 635 was updated;
  • support of mobile phone Lumia 630 fully tested on actual;
  • functions Test Mode for mobile phones Lumia 630 and 635 were not supported yet.
2. Updates Nokia Android Firmware Flasher for X / X+ / XL:
  • bug firmware "62%" is displayed when using older versions of drivers WinUSB was fixed;
  • function of warning users about the discovery of the revised files firmware was added;
  • work with mobile phones Nokia X, X+, and XL fully tested in real conditions.
3. Updates ATF JTAG 1.0.8:
  • built AFP Downloader inside ATFJ.exe was added. It accessed through the "Help" / "Updates";
  • support of mobile phones Samsung with function FULLBOOTREPAIR was added. Loading through the built Downloader in ATFJ.exe.
Compatible models:
  • Samsung GT-I8150
  • Samsung GT-I8150B
  • Samsung GT-I8150T
  • Samsung GT-I8260
  • Samsung GT-I8260E
  • Samsung GT-I8260L
  • Samsung GT-I8262 
  • Samsung GT-I8262B
  • Samsung GT-I8262D 
  • Samsung GT-I8350
  • Samsung GT-I8550L
  • Samsung GT-I8550E
  • Samsung GT-I8552
  • Samsung GT-I8552B
  • Samsung GT-I8700
  • Samsung GT-S6310 
  • Samsung GT-S6310L
  • Samsung GT-S6310N
  • Samsung GT-S6310T
  • Samsung GT-S6312
  • Samsung GT-S7560
  • Samsung GT-S7560M
  • Samsung GT-S7562
  • Samsung GT-S7562L
  • Samsung GT-S7572
  • Samsung SCH-W789
  • Samsung SCH-I829
  • Samsung SGH-T679
  • Samsung SGH-T679M
4. Support for ATF JTAG Scripting Language added.
5. Support for manual debugging Snapdragon SOC-modems added.

Functions of the first version of SPI Tool 1.0:

  1. Direct connection for programming Small SPI FlashICs;
  2. Separate SPI Flash from the board is no longer necessary;
  3. Ideal for programming SPI Flash mobile phones Nokia 105 and 106;
  4. Ideal for re-programming SPI modem HUAWEI WiMax;
  5. Read / write of speeds up to 30 MHz;
  6. Supports SPI modes CPOL=0, CPHA=0 and CPOL=1, CPHA=1;
  7. Function auto check and rewrite bad sectors;
  8. Function selection of voltage VCCIO (1.80V, 2.80v and 3.30V);
  9. Selecting a set of commands in accordance with SPI Flash IC Brand;
  10. Automatically detect of firmware IC Capacity for Micron / Numonyx;
  11. Automatically skips IMEI, Simlocks and PM Region of mobile phones Nokia phones 105 and 106.

Opportunities for use with mobile phones Nokia 105 and 106:

  1. Read Full Dump of a working cellphone and write to another mobile phone without damaging the IMEI, Simlocks and PM Region;
  2. Recording MCU + PPM + CNT, PPM + CNT only, PPM only;
  3. Allowed cross-record of versions PPM on any version of firmware MCU;
  4. Recording more language packs that are not supported in FBUS;
  5. Read Full Dump on FBUS and write to other mobile phones via SPI Tool.

Updates SD Card Password Bruteforce:

  1. Function of resume to save a file was fixed, if found incorrect CSD;
  2. Support UHS-I and UHS-II SD cards was added.

Updates Samsung Unbrick Image Creator 1.5:

  1. Support for new Flash files 4.4.x tar.md5 2014 added;
  2. Support for new PIT Factory files added.

Updates ATF Box Driver Update:

  • New ATF Box with drivers for 32/64 bit Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1 (version If you're running Windows 7 or Windows 8, that drivers will be loaded automatically via Windows Driver Update Servers.

Other updates: 

  • Complete list added in Nokia.ini as May 31, 2014. Models Nokia X+, Nokia XL, Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and Lumia 930 were added.

Activation, logs, credits of ATF Box (Advance Turbo Flasher):

Advance Turbo Flasher
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