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Why unlock code for Samsung is not working?

Buying the Samsung unlock codes by IMEI, we least like to see the inscription on the screen - "not successful". But nevertheless, there are cases when the code does not work. Why this happens and what can be done in such a situation - our article will tell.

Buyers who are faced with the problem of non-working code, first of all ask themselves - can unlock codes be "wrong"?

We want to reassure you - the unlock codes are always correct.

You can apply for a code to the cellular operator, or order factory Samsung codes using different sites, but in the end you will be sure that all sources will provide you with the same information. This once again proves the fact that the correct code will be the same everywhere.

Based on these facts, we can determine the most common reasons why the Samsung unlock code is not working.

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How many codes do you need to unlock Samsung [NCK + MCK + RGCK]?

If in your hands was locked Samsung and you were happy to find that there are many services for ordering codes for such a phone, do not rush to make your order. To your attention an article on how to determine  which codes you need to unlock Samsung and how not to make a mistake when selecting a service.

1. Define the blocking type: NCK or RGCK
First of all, it is necessary to understand which blocking is involved:
NCK = SIM_Unlock = Network Lock = Network Unlock Code = SIM Network Unlock PIN - different designations for blocking from a specific operator. If you know exactly that the phone worked / works only with SIM cards of the same operator, then it will be enough for you to enter one NCK code and get an unlock.
RGCK = Region Unlock Code = EXTRA - different designations to show blocking to a specific country or region. Such a phone will accept SIM cards from any operators, but only in a specific country / region. Most often there are smart phones, on the box of which it says "European Sim card only" or "American Sim card only". To unlock this phone, you just need to enter only the RGCK code and get an unlock.
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Unlocking Samsung from USA Sprint / Verizon: possible or not?

Before buying a locked phone from abroad, make sure that there are services for unlocking from this operator. Despite the fact that  Samsung brand is one of the most popular in the World, and services for unlocking these devices are developing not less actively, not all models are available for remote unlocking using NCK code, recived by IMEI.

Here is the list of operators for which unlock using NCK code is not possible :

  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • Tracfone
  • Net10
  • Straight Talk

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Video instruction how to unlock Samsung SGH-T599N

Announce the support of unlocking mobile phones Samsung Exhibit (SGH-T599N), locked by the networks MetroPCS USA and get the opportunity to use it with a SIM-card of any operator.

Unlock Samsung Exhibit (SGH-T599N) done once, after which the device is completely removed SIM LOCK and a phone you can update and sew - it does not locked back.
Make an order of unlock you can on this link -

Samsung USA: AT&T| T-mobile [NCK + MCK]

IMPORTANT: Before ordering services, always check the possibility of entering the code. 
The codes are provided by IMEI. View IMEI can dial *#06#

Video instruction how to unlock Samsung Exhibit (SGH-T599N)


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Video instruction how to unlock Samsung SM-J510FN

For all owners of mobile phone Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J510FN)  locked by the regional network Finland, we offer the opportunity to officially unlock the phone and use it on any mobile network, regardless of the country.

Make an order of unlock, depending on the country, on following links: 

Samsung Europe: all countries [NCK + MCK]

Samsung Europe: some countries [NCK + MCK]

Samsung United Kingdom [NCK + MCK + RGCK]

IMPORTANT: Before ordering services, always check the possibility of entering the code. 
The codes are provided by IMEI. View IMEI can dial *#06#
Video instruction how to unlock Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J510FN):
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Enter unlock/defreeze code in Samsung S4 GT-I9500b, if the "wrong code"

If you unlock a mobile phone Samsung S4 GT-I9500b or model you have difficulty with putting unlock code, this instruction should help you.
  1. Make sure that you are properly and accurately pointed IMEI number. You can do this by dialing * # 06 #;
  2. Dial the combination * # 0011 #;
  3. Press the MENU button and from the menu, press BACK. Nothing should happen - go to the next step;
  4. Once again, press MENU, to return to the input panel;
  5. In the box that appears, enter 1 and press OK;
  6. Wait for access to the service menu; 
  7. Press [1] Display Settings> [6] Phone management> [6] Network lock. Then you will see 3 options lock;
  8. Press [1] Perso Sha256 INFO. The screen should change slightly; 
  9. Press MENU, and then, when the menu appears, gently press BACK to return to the previous screen; 
  10. Press [2] Perso Sha256 ON. The screen should change again to a one-line message. 
  11. ENABLED_FLAG [0] restart Samsung, hold the power button and press the reset button; 
  12. Thereafter, a request code, enter the unlock code received Samsung. 


WARNING! If you see two lines that cannot be changed, you must do the following:

  • Press MENU, to go back and select [3] Perso Sha256 OFF;
  • Emerged from two lines, select the first! You should get a message MENU NOT EXIST; 
  • Press MENU, to go back; 
  • Press [1] Perso Sha256 OFF (make sure that the row is selected [0]); 
  • Go back to back; 
  • Press [2] PERSO SHA256 ON (make sure that the row is selected [0]). 

A few more tips on this issue:

If the correct unlock code, some models of Samsung displays a message that the code is invalid. In this case, enter the unlock code (NCK or Network) and click Done/OK/OK. After that, enter the code again and Freeze unlock code. Pre BACKUP and do HARD RESET (Settings> Privacy> Factory data reset> Reset phone> Erase all). Specify whether the phone sews and/or modify any ROM (in these cases, even the correct code will not work).
Some models may have a specific (other) sequence.
The most common problem encountered with Samsung S4 Europe based on Jelly Bean. To solve them, remove the firmware, install the original and try again to make DEFREZE. Record version 4.2.1, although 4.2.2 should not cause any problems.
Order Samsung unlock you can following links:
Discuss unlock Samsung forum you can follow the link.
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Samsung - the general information about the unlock from the operator

Samsung mobile phones can be unlocked from any operator of cellular connection of any country.

For USA Samsung phones, please order NCK code using this service: Samsung USA

Ordering the code by the common database Samsung USA, you get 2 codes: Unfreeze code//Network code - NCK

To get the unlock code, you have to specify the model of the phone, IMEI.

Buy the unlock code Samsung Europe (any GSM European operator)

Buy the unlock code Samsung USA (USA operators: AT&T, T-mobile, etc...)

Unfreeze codes are provided in addition to NCK codes as possible, but they are optional, not required ones!

We advice you to think before entering into the phone so that you don't need additional Unfreeze code.

We provide 4 codes by the common database of Samsung!

They look something like this:

NCK: 84174637 Unfreeze: 35390660 SCK: 54279635 SPCK: 49581464

More than 90% of locked Samsung phones under the operator have only NCK lock, but there are some that require SCK/SPCK code as well. It is not possible to order the Unfreeze code separately from NCK code!

Enter all the fields carefully!

If you make a mistake filling the form, you will get the wrong code, the return of credits is not discussed in this case!

How to unlock Galaxy Note 3 Megafon Russia by IMEI by the unlock code

IMEI-server is offering the unique service - individual prices for our users.

Make a request in the selected product to get indiviual prices through the "Get a discount" form.

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Instructions How Enter unlock code Samsung

Unfreeze codes are provided in addition to the NCK code to the extent possible, they are optional and not binding!
Advised to think before anything enter to the phone.
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