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iphone 7
15 June 2017
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
Works like a charm! Thanks a lot! 
24 May 2017
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
Thanks! My mediapad T1-701u is now unlocked with great success! 
Roberto H.
22 May 2017
All perfectly. (I would advise this site to all)
Muy buen servicio, rapido y confiable 
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ATTENTION: effective removal of iCloud lock FMI: LOST

We are glad to inform you that the service of removing the lock - Removing iCloud [Clean/Lost/Stolen]: for "not fresh" IMEI now works much more efficiently. If your previous order for this same service was canceled, we recommend you to order this service again. Most likely, the order will be fulfilled.

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New service: Check iPhone iCloud: [ON/OFF]

A new service is added to check the FMI status (Find My IPhone) on the iPhone or iPad by IMEI. Defines the FMI status: ON or OFF. This service gives the answer to only one question - whether iCloud is locked or not, whether your device will require a login and password from the Apple ID account.

Example result:
  • ON - this status means that the device asks you to enter your Apple ID login and password.
  • OFF - this status means that the request to enter the Apple ID login and password is disabled. The device is not bound to a specific e-mail address and the owner's name.

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Update from Z3X-BOX team: Samsung Tool PRO 29.1

We are glad to inform you that the Z3X-BOX team released new update. The following changes were made.

Added new models (Direct READ codes via server):

  • 403SC/  404SC/ SM-A3000/ SM-A3009/ SM-A300F/ SM-A300FU/ SM-A300G/ SM-A300H/ SM-A300HQ/ SM-A300M/ SM-A300XU/ SM-A300XZ/ SM-A300Y/ SM-A300YZ/ SM-A5000/ SM-A5009/ SM-A500F/ SM-A500F1/ SM-A500FQ/ SM-A500FU/ SM-A500G/ SM-A500H/ SM-A500HQ/ SM-A500K/ SM-A500L/ SM-A500M/ SM-A500S/ SM-A500W/ SM-A500Y/ SM-A500YZ/ SM-A500XZ/ SM-A5100/ SM-A7000/ SM-A7009/ SM-A700FD/ SM-A700H/ SM-A700K/ SM-A700L/ SM-A700S/ SM-A700YD/ SM-A7100/ SM-A8000/ SM-E500F/ SM-E500H/ SM-E500M/ SM-E500YZ/ SM-E7000/ SM-E7009/ SM-E700F/ SM-E700H/ SM-E700M/ SM-G3608/ SM-G3609/ SM-G360AZ/ SM-G360BT/ SM-G360F/ SM-G360FY/ SM-G360G/ SM-G360GY/ SM-G360M/ SM-G360T1/ SM-G386T1/ SM-G386W/ SM-G5108/ SM-G5108Q/ SM-G5109/ SM-G5306W/ SM-G5308W/ SM-G5309W/ SM-G530A/ SM-G530AZ/ SM-G530BT/ SM-G530F/ SM-G530FZ/ SM-G530H/ SM-G530M/ SM-G530T1/ SM-G530W/ SM-G530Y/ SM-G6000/ SM-G600FY/ SM-G7508Q/ SM-G7509/ SM-G901F/ SM-J5007/ SM-J5008/ SM-J500F/ SM-J500FN/ SM-J500G/ SM-J500H/ SM-J500M/ SM-J500N0/ SM-J500Y/ SM-J7008


Z3X Team Logs, Credits, Activations 

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Update Z3X-BOX LG Tool 9.39

We are glad to inform you that the Z3X-BOX team released new update.  The following changes were made.
Added reset FRP with loss of user data, as well as repair IMEI for models: 
  • M250/ M250AR/ M250DS/ M250DSN/ M250E/ M250F/ M250H/ M250I/ M250K/ M250M/ M250N/ M250Y/ M250YK/ M400AR/ M400DF/ M400DK/ M400DY/ M400F/ M400MT/ M400N/ M400Y 

  • Added new frp method for Qualcomm phones with user data lost in test mode.

  • Added 180Gb firmwares. We have biggest firmware support for LG phones - more then 12Tb files 

  • Some bug fix

Z3X Team Logs, Credits, Activations 


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Update for Octopus Box - LG Software v.2.7.3

Team Octopus Box has released an update for LG: added new models.

Added support for the following models:

  • A448 - added world's first Direct Unlock, Repair IMEI, Read/Write NVM, Read/Write/Repair Security, Read Full Flash, Repair BT Address, Read Info
  • G351 - added world's first Direct Unlock, Read Codes, Repair IMEI, Read/Write/Repair EEPROM, Read/Write Full Flash, Repair BT Address, Read Info
  • M470F - added world's first Direct Unlock, Repair IMEI, Reset FRP, Read/Write NVM, Read/Write QCN, Read/Write/Reset Security, Read Full Flash, Repair BT/Wi-Fi MAC Address
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Update for Octopus Box - Samsung Software v.2.5.7

Octopus Box team released improvements: reading of unlock codes using server for range of devices based on Qualcomm CPUs with new security. Also added support for Galaxy J5 2017 and Galaxy J7 2017 series!

Added support for the following devices:

Read Codes via server: SM-A9000/ SM-A9100/ SM-A910F/ SM-A910FD/ SM-C5000/ SM-C5010/ SM-C7000/ SM-C7010/ SM-C9000/ SM-C900F/ SM-C900Y/ SM-G1600/ SM-G5510/ SM-G6100/ SM-G891A/ SM-G9300/ SM-G9308/ SM-G930V/ SM-G9350/ SM-G935V/ SM-G9500/ SM-G9508/ SM-G950U/ SM-G950U1/ SM-G950W/ SM-G9550/ SM-G955U/ SM-G955U1/ SM-G955W/ SM-J3110/ SM-J3119/ SM-J320YZ/ SM-J320ZN/ SM-J327V/ SM-J5108/ SM-J510F/ SM-J510FN/ SM-J510H/ SM-J510K/ SM-J510L/ SM-J510MN/ SM-J510S/ SM-J510UN/ SM-J727V/ SM-T818A/ SM-T818T/ SM-T818V/ SM-T818W/ SM-T825/ SM-T825Y/ SCV35/ SCV36 / SC-02J/ SC-03J/ SM-W2017

Octopus Box Activations


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We are glad to announce that Furious Gold FC HUAWEI MODULE has been updated to version The following changes were made.

FRP Unlock added for:
  • Huawei Diego (DIG-)
  • Huawei Nova Smart (DIG-)
  • Huawei Honor 6C (DIG-)
  • Huawei GR3 2017 (DIG-)
  • Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite 10 (CPN-)
  • Huawei MediaPad M3 (BAH-)
  • Huawei Honor 6A (DLI-)
  • Huawei BARCA (VOG-)

Furious Activations


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Update from Hua box team: Hmi Tool Version 1.0.2

We are pleased to announce that Hua box has released an update to Hmi Tool Version 1.0.2. Such changes were made.

  • New Method For Reboot To EDL Mode(Fastboot mode). (Need Bootloader Unlock)
  • Reset Screen Lock By Fastboot Mode. (Lose All data. Need Unlock Bootloader)
  • Read and Write Security For Repair Unknown Baseband. (Need Select 9008 Port. Need Unlock Bootloader) 
  • Read and Write Modem For Fix No Netwrok Problem. (Need Select 9008 Port. Need Unlock Bootloader) 
  • New Method For Enable Diag Port. (Need Root)

Hua Tool activation Infinity Box/Dongle, BEST Dongle, Infinity CDMA-Tool

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New service: Huawei: removing the FRP lock

We are glad to inform you that the service for removing / resetting the FRP lock on any Huawei models has become available. With this service, you will be able to remove the FRP lock on your device. The reset procedure is simple and straightforward, accessible even for an inexperienced user.

FRP lock (Factory Reset Protection) is an anti-theft protection system on Android phones that works after Hard Reset (factory reset). After rebooting and connecting to the Internet, the device will ask for the login and password - the "Google Account Verification" window. In case these data are forgotten / lost, it will be impossible to use the device.

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NEW PRICE for service USA AT&T iPhone Blacklist

Attention, unlocking cost the models from the blacklist (Blacklisted) from the operator AT&T USA lowered !!! New prices for unlock:

4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+  price is only $ 60 ($ 85 the old price)

7, 7+ price is only $ 65 ($ 90 old price)

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