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29 November 2017
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
iphone 7
15 June 2017
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
Works like a charm! Thanks a lot! 
24 May 2017
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
Thanks! My mediapad T1-701u is now unlocked with great success! 
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Price: 29.00 $ Delivery time: 3 - 10 working days Orders count:746

Huawei Factory base: NCK codes from factory

The factory code base for unlocking the Huawei brand from ANY GSM operators of the World, regardless of the country. All models of Huawei phones and modems are supported. This is an updated, complete database, in which there are all codes of all levels of locking.

See how to do a factory reset, click here.

ATTENTION: the service does not support models Huawei LYO-L02, Huawei Y560-L01, Huawei Y560-L02 Ordering code for these models is prohibited.
WARNING: In very rare cases, if the code does not unlock the phone, cancellation and refund are not possible even with the video! The provider does not accept cancellations and no refunds on this service!

How to order:

  • Enter IMEI device. View IMEI can dial *#06#. In the field, enter the first 14 digits of IMEI, the last digit is generated automatically. This field is required.
  • Select your model from the list of Huawei. 
  • Comments field can be left blank. 

Carefully fill in all mandatory fields. After the server will return a code, you will get it at the email you provided during registration.


Unlock for free: 

To one free unlock Huawei phone/tablet/modem, which blocked by any operator is possible, if down page it is not in list available devices to unlock (warning! use search (Ctrl+F in your browser) on page to looking your model. You need register and post topic on forum:

In message write your login on site, IMEI, model, device type (modem, tablet or phone) write requires text for device unlocking, country\operator to which locked. Also you must take display photo and photo back under battery or display screen, where device ask unlock code with another SIM card.
Upload these photos on any web site, and paste link in your message, click "Submit new Thread". After create Thread you wil see social networks buttons (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LiveJournal). You need to make at least any 3 repost (after this paste URL link to your reposted page)

This position is currently unavailable, you can request notified about the availability, you will be notified by email.

Price 29.00 $
Discount price  29.00 $
Delivery time 3 - 10 working days
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24.05.2017 09:52:53
migu*******************, Consult through support@imei-server.com
2. flyp************
24.05.2017 07:35:33
Tank you very much for the job. My Mediapad T1-701u is now unlocked!
3. migu*******************
23.05.2017 18:47:19
hola ,mi correo miguellegui@hotmail.com ..sigo esperando 
por el codigo de desblockeo de huawei ets3125 
4. flyp************
21.05.2017 23:20:54
Good morning! I'm waiting for the code since the 15/05, please do something for me, don't do like the last time with the nokia because i lost my money when the customer took it back after the deadline.

5. flyp************
15.05.2017 21:41:14
Huawei Mediapad T1-701u
Country : ANGOLA
Network : UNITEL
I've placed the order, please Help me!
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