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29 November 2017
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
iphone 7
15 June 2017
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
Works like a charm! Thanks a lot! 
24 May 2017
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
Thanks! My mediapad T1-701u is now unlocked with great success! 
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Omnius license Android unlock

With one license "Omnius Android unlock" you can following procedures:

- prepare phone to unlock procedure (firmware correct version of Android)
- backup and restore TA
- unlock (Direct unlock XPERIA telephones)

Beginning of time use license is the first entry in the system accaunt.

Support full unlock SonyEricsson Xperia mini and Xperia model mini pro (Platform S1 MSM7X30)
Added support for sony Ericsson W8 Walkman S1 MSM7227 (version of Android 2.0- 2.2)
Updated and are used only new loaders XPERIA S1 MSM7X30

Available unblock S1 QSD8250 based Xperia X10 (version of Android 2.0- 2.2)

Free function for this type license obtaining root rights on Android device (version of Android 1.5- 2.2)
The possibility of firmware phones S1 MSM7X30
Support Xperia Active and Xperia Ray smartphone

Omnius is a professional software for SonyEricsson Android device. Оmnius for SE download can be in any well-known portal and explore some of the key features of the program.

For Example:

- Unlock and lock to networks operator. Unlock not temporary permanent, after reflash you phone not blocked, itc full permanent unblock.
- In order to attach the phone to a particular operator, function - relock
- Finalise device. The firmware and users of any language packs, as well as software updates, change language, debrending and much more.
- Restore GDFS (repair GDFS) absolute repair GDFS zone (Global Data File System),writing, reading, backup creation of the zone of GDFS.
- Use of VKP scripts, VKP patch.
- In order to change the language of the region, and to update all the languages of the SonyEricsson Software Updater (SEUS), the function"change the CDA.
- Resetting phone code, the standard - 0000, as well as
- Test feature phone model in the presence of errors, read more detailed information about the phone itself.
- and much more...

A huge plus of this application support the interface of a significant number of different languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and many others.

Supported platforms for work with program Omnius for SE unlock and reflash:

DB201x - firmware, the identity, operation with CID and EROM, reset a user code, as well as unlock, i.e. removing the operator lock and operations with GDFS.
DB2000, DB2001, - the firmware, the identity, operation with the CID, EROM, operations with GDFS, reset network lock, i.e. removing the lock from the operator.
DB2020 - identification, firmware, write files in the filesystem, operations with EROM and CID, reset a user code, unlocking (removing the operator lock), operations with GDFS, reading flushes.
S1-LOCOSTO, S1-NEPTUNE, S1 OMAP 3430 , S1 QSD 8520, S1 MSM7227 - firmware, identification, reset the lock code, read the flash memory, operation with GDFS (Trim Area),
PNX5230 - firmware, identification, record files, reset a user code.

Every function in program has its own conditions. Functions that are declared in program, do not concern all phone models, i.e., for different platforms list of functions will be different.

To whom is this service program?

Omnius for SE - it is professional software that has a simple user interface. In their time this software was not created for masters, who professionally are engaged in repair of mobile gadjets and not for service centers, as a complex solution.
Any user, who has the slightest idea about repaire phone brand SonyEricsson and knowledge in computer technology, can take advantage of the software Omnius at home or at work, in the presence of the native USB cable, namely the DCU-60 or DCU-65, access to the internet,  telephone and the licensed program.
This application provides the speed and ease of maintenance of a large number models SonyEricsson.
A significant number all operations in the software are free of charge. To use Omnius program no need box or dongle, they simply do not exist in software. Graphical interface very pleasant and easy to understand. Most operations are carried out in parallel. In order to use the program, you must simply register and download Omnius software on your computer. As this software free download You can on any of the sites on the internet. The file can be downloaded from any web browser, for example: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. In order to learn how to use the downloaded file, it is necessary to pass in article software instructions.
Оmnius server com is the easiest way, which will be able unlock and flash, by simple USB-cable and internet. Everyone for themselves can find attractive option, to unlock SonyEricsson XPERIA phones.
Developers had taken a decision, which concerns use Omnius accaunts. Today only one accaunt can be used on the same computer. Once logged on your PC, you dont have right use same accaunt on another computer. In violation this rule will be punished blocking accaunt temporarily. To use the software on several computers, it is necessary to have different accaunts.
Violation of this rule shall be punishable by temporarily blocking the accaunt Omnius.

Before you start working with the program, you must register Omnius accaunt. You can do this on the official site www omnius com server, or simply having bought the accaunt. After that, activate, making it by clicking on the link, which came to the postal address. If you can't remember in the system license password, she will tell you how to get access to the application. Once you've received an accaunt, i.e. the login and password, by following the highlighted link, you must activate the license. Everyone for themselves can find attractive option, to reset lock from mobile. In order to unlock a phone, will have to purchase the same omnius license. It should be said that the license will
start to operate only from the moment when, with help of it will be sold any pay the action. However, Omnius free license will allow firmware only one mobile. After the launch of the program domestic window built-in browser, where it will be posted page Omnius-server.

Full Omnius-license One month ot Full Omnius-license 1 day, is a simple online solution for unlocking, flashing, recovery and debrending any number phones Sony Ericsson. Firmware and debrending phone platform A2 DB3xxx, while working with any cables and supporting up to 95% of all of the latest models. Omnius-SE is absolutely compatible with the credits "D-ultimate unlocker".

For Russian users Omnius Android unlock license

Links for order license (Supreme credits):

Omnius Full license 1 Day
Omnius Full license 1 Month
Omnius Full license 1 Year

Download free Omnius-SE links:

Download Omnius from RapidShare
Download Omnius from DepositFiles


List of Models:

List models for unlock SonyEricsson by Omnius license Android:

X10, X10a, X10 mini (E10), X10 mini pro (U20), Active (ST17), Arc (LT15i)/ Docomo SO-01C, Arc (LT15)
Mini (ST15), Mini Pro (SK17), Neo (MT15),
MT-11i Xperia Neo V, Neo V (MT11), Play (R800), Pro (MK16), Ray (ST18)
X8 (E15i), W8 (E16),
Live With Walkman (WT19)

S1 QSD8250
S1 MSM7227

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