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Tomek Koszela
05 January 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
Realy fast realisation process. Everything works great. Thank You. 

Szybko i sprawnie. telefon działa jak należy. Dziękuję POLECAM
23 December 2017
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
Got the unlock codes for the Sony Xperia Z4/SOV31 AU KDDI(japan) earlier than expected. My son is now a happy kid, hehe... Great service indeed... Thank You imei-server.com! will surely use your service again, Highly Recommended!
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Lenovo ''Not found"

Unlock Lenovo with unlock code. Online unlock Lenovo by IMEI. The factory code base is 100% correct.

  1. Before ordering services, make sure that you have a request for code entry. You can not order the code if the phone does not display a window for entering the code.
  2. Lenovo from Hungary are not supported


How to order:
  • Enter IMEI device. View IMEI can dial *#06#. In the field, enter the first 14 digits of IMEI, the last digit is generated automatically. This field is required.
  • Select your model from the list.
  • Comments field can be left blank. 

Carefully fill in all mandatory fields. After the server will return a code, you will get it at the email you provided during registration.

List of Models:

The following models are supported:

  • A10-70 A7600, A1000, A185, A1900, A2010, A269i, A308T, A316i, A319, A328, A335, A336, A3690, A390, A3900, A5000, A516, A526, A636, A60, A60+, A6000, A6000 Plus, A6010, A6010 Plus, A6066, A630, A65, A660, A670T, A680, A690, A7-50 A3500, A7000, A7000 Plus, A7000 Turbo, A706, A789, A800, A820, A830, A850, A850+, A859, A889, A916, B
  • E156, E700, ET-960, ET560, ET600
  • G620, G628, G800, G820, G880, G886, G901, Golden Warrior A8, Golden Warrior Note 8, Golden Warrior S8, I717, I720,
  • IdeaPad, IdeaPad A1, IdeaPad K1, IdeaPad S2, IdeaTab A1000, IdeaTab A2107, IdeaTab A3000, IdeaTab S6000, IdeaTab S6000F, IdeaTab S6000H, IdeaTab, S6000L,
  • K3, K3 Note, K5 Note, K80, K800, K860, K900,
  • Lemon 3, LePad S2005, LePad S2007, LePad S2010, LePad S2,
  • P70, P700i, P770, P780, P90, P930, Phab Plus
  • Q330, Q350, S5000, S560, S580, S60, S650, S660, S720, S750, S800, S820, S850, S856, S860, S880, S890, S90 Sisley, S920, S930, S939,
  • Tab 2 A10-70, Tab 2 A7-10, Tab 2 A7-30, Tab 2 A8-50, Tab S8, Tab3 10, Tab3 7, Tab3 8, ThinkPad, 
  • V610, Vibe A Plus, Vibe K4 Note, Vibe K5, Vibe K5 Plus, Vibe P1, Vibe P1 Turbo, Vibe P1m, Vibe S1, Vibe S1 Lite, Vibe Shot, Vibe X S960, Vibe X2, Vibe X2 PRO, Vibe X3, Vibe X3 c78, Vibe Z K910, Vibe Z2, Vibe Z2 PRO, Vibe Z3 PRO,
  • Yoga Tab 3 8.0, Yoga Tablet 10, Yoga Tablet 10 HD+, Yoga Tablet 2 10.1, Yoga Tablet 2 8.0, Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, Yoga Tablet 8, Yoga ZUK Z1
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