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CycloneBox new firmware version 01.66

   Developers have updated  firmware to CycloneBox version 01.66 for CycloneBox used to restore, unlock and flashing mobile phones BlackBerry, Nokia.
 In  firmware for CycloneBox expanded support for MEP codes phones BlackBerry, used to unlock it. About how to look MEP code for your BlackBerry, you can read in  manual, which is located here.

- MER-31845-002
- MER-41261-001
- MER-42517-001
- MER-08589-001 - fixed length of NCK
- Changed  emulation of serial default SX4 because of  blacklist in  latest Nokia PA_SD. Now  serial number is calculated using a unique SX4 zone Boxing OTP, so now getting into  blacklist is not possible.
- And no big changes and improvements

This update is performed through  server CycloneBox, to update CycloneBox use  tab "Box Maintenance".

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BlackBerry NCK code to unlock

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Activations Cyclone Box

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CycloneBox Installer 1.15

CycloneBox used for flashing, unlocking and restoring phones Nokia DCT4 +, Nokia BB5, Nokia XGold1.
List of changes, improvements functionality CycloneBox very large:
- Added code reading device which is stored in an encrypted format for platform Nokia DCT4 + Nokia XGold1 read your code without any data loss ( first in the World)
- Added reset the lock code on a standard (12345) Nokia DCT4 + / XGold1 again user data remain on the mashines,  first in the world.
- Read the full backup RPL (NPC, HWC, CCC, SD, SIMLOCK ...) even do not use your mobile phone after dropping or incorrect unlock - new function in  first in  world.
If your phone does not start (hangs on the splash screen Nokia or not started), now you can get a complete dump of the RPL to fully erase the phone and restore it. Software before reading the RPL into recovery mode, ask you about it. So in any case, after the downgrade, you can restore your phone by:
1. Make a copy of the RPL with the dead phone
2. Run a complete erasure
3. Record any software version
4. Record previously made copies of the file RPL
5. Log in to Superdongle
6. Recording a new PM
- Added a (fixed) counter reset NSK for devices based on XGold2
- SecurityBlock performance backup before reset NCK counter, just in cаse
- XGold1 mashines download with damaged boot blocks
- Single button for L7 by LBF
- Removed the error reset attempts to enter the security code for some DCT4 DCT4 -
- Bookmark PMM Managment presented for Page BB5 Security
- Recovery is IMEI. It is possible with a damaged IMEI, but if you have the correct file NPC. Checked folder StoredFiles for files with the same CRT Publis ID SMT and recorded automatically.
- Added a message about hardware failure when resuming DCC DCC - for apartment: where it is impossible recovery (file not found DCC).
- Analysis of PMM XGold1 corrected (if reading is not in the LBF table Simlock oppredelennyh for operators / phone number)
- Fixed problem occurred Firmware XGold2 (invalid pointer)
- Changed module with USB

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Cyclone Box Installer 1.14

A fеw dаys аgo came a new major update Cyclone Box v1.14. Cyclone Box is used to repair software Nokia phones and BlackBerry. C it, you can make unlock, flash and restore phone Nokia and BlackBerry.

- Support for a new loader ВВ5 FВUS / USB v11.16.0
- Reading data unique to
phone based on USB RAPIDO
- Reading data unique to
phone based on USB RAPU
- SL2 unlock, оld Hash (E51. .,..) аnd new Hash (6760,6120 c) on  USB-kabelyu
- SL3 Unlock, read LVF data SL3 RAPIDO / RAPU
- Stand alone Superdongle - keyless SD
- Restore SD Keys
- Analysis of Protection
- Backup RPL
- All these operations are performed using only  USB-cable ...
- Loaders automatically injected into mashines LocalMоde aftеr rеading LоgDаtа - tеstеd with N97
- Mashines on  basis of RAPIDO to read USB LogFile, you must manually enter  mashines in FlаshMоde. Apporiate MеssаgeBox will givе you a hint (to remove  battery and put back, cаble, etc...) If yоur phоne is made by baze RAPU or RAP4, you do not need to remove  battery or do something else - push  OK button and  phone will switсh to RАW directly.
- Alsо addеd support for firmware FUR mashines on  basis of RAPIDO. This means that yоu cаn flash these mashines on FBUS (completely erased, and so on - FBUS prоtоcоl emulation). However, due to many problems, this function is still disabled in this version. You mozhete test it mаnuаlly by putting "v11.16.0" RАPIDО lоadеrs in \ Loaders \ BB5 \ FPIF32BIT.
* There are prоblems with RАPIDО 11.16.0 loader:
* Support for FBUS violated
* Reading certificates via USB not working
* Prоbably nоt wоrking with RОM Axxxx (E51)
- FUR firmware (no ADL, though) will probably be included in a future version
- Fixed oclHashCat COD (occurs when the number of poslednyaya IMEI is еquаl to 0)
- Box v01.62 firmware included
- Minor changes and fixes

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Update Cyclone Box Installer v1.13 24.05.2011

Came a major new update for Cyclone Box 1.13 24.05.2011, a full list of changes / additions:

- Updated with new loaders for all Nokia BB5 FBUS and USB version 11.14.0
- Added detection of new types of unlock codes - 20 digit NCK code. The program automatically notifies the new format of code.
- Added function analysis of the retrieved HASH with some phones have no ability to input unlock code (such as telephones zalochennye Telcel Mexico), it saves time
- Creation of log files for the phones Nokia BB5 \ XGold format *. BCL
- Create / Read log files for the phones Nokia BB5 \ XGold format *. SHA
- Create a BAT file for phones Nokia BB5 \ XGold format oclHashCat for ATI cards 32bit and 64 bit systems
- Create a BAT file BB5 \ XGold oclHashCat format for NVIDIA as 32 \ 64-bit systems
- Fixed an entry in the RPL phones Nokia C7-00 and Nokia C2-01 and so on all based on SIMLOC30
- Added support for oclHashCat COD files
- Full support MxCrap COD files
- Added an error message data using the TX2
- Updated Nokia RAPIDO loaders to version 1.05, bug reading for some old style phone (A8C1D671) such as Nokia N95, Nokia N78
- Server Update BlackBerry unlock codes
- This version includes all the latest updates from the ability to read HASH for all platforms RAPIDO, RAPU, RAP4
- Fixed reset the lock code (user code) phone platform Nokia DCT4 and BB5 Platform
- Firmware version of the box should not be below! 1.61

Download the latest update Cyclone Box before installing it is desirable to remove all Cyclone old component to the program

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Download CycloneBox - Depositfiles
Download CycloneBox - Rapidshare


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Cyclone Box update-correction

New very important update Cyclone Box. Fixed a serious bug in the phones Nokia RAPIDO.
Now the program correctly reads the Cyclone LOG files to calculate the unlock code for all phones Nokia SL3
The team brings its apologies for this serious bug.

A detailed list of changes in the new version of Cyclone Box:

- Reading posed LOG files to new method for mobile phones RAPIDO
- Direct unlock for phones with which the new HASH SL2 model (based on 479cc) for example phones Nokia 6760 and Nokia 6120c
- The world's first backup Superdongle Key for the newest hasH
- Another update in the world's first authorization SX4 BB5 phones with damaged area Superdongle key
- Good news - creating backup CMLA and WMDRM Key
- The world's only software that can make a backup of the factory format Nokia RPL, completely original backup.
- The new algorithm works correctly and with the older phones, based on (CAEEBB) changed algorithm analysis

A list of available algorithms for Nokia BB5 phones


Necessarily require firmware Boxing is not below 1.61

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Cyclone Box Update

Update CycloneBox: free support unlock / repair SD / authorization SX4/backup SD for all new Nokia phones HASH

Function to read LOG file for all the latest HASH using the protocol RAPU CPU.

New Features Cyclone Box:
- Unlock Nokia phones by LOG2COD
- Restore SupeDongle
- Backup superdongle key - The world's first backup support for the new HASH
- Creating a complete RPL for all phone models (RPL Backup all fields)
- Standalone SX4 authorization
- Read the MCU and DSP

A new algorithm for reading log files, regardless of HASH phone.

Update is completely free for all owners of Cyclone Box

To read the LOG file, you must have a TX2 FBUS cable

To use this update, you must upgrade to version Boxing Cyclone Box Firmware v1.60

Download CycloneBox - Depositfiles
Download CycloneBox - Rapidshare

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Video - CycloneBox order credits for unlock Nokia BB5 SL3 in IMEI-Server.com

You can purchase credits Cyclone Box:

CycloneBox credits logs for unlock any mobile phones

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