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MTbox update to calculate NCK codes

Griffins team has updated its server MTB NK SL3 for MT-box Nokia used to calculate  NCK code SL3 phones using brute force. Now  server when unlocking Nokia SL3 with bruteforce, can boast support for operating systems Windows-64, so that users do not need to go to  operating system family  Windows-32 for MTbox, as well as improving  handling of phones with a 20-digit code. Due to  increase of time required to calculate  NCK code,  code is now just simply will not be accepted for loading for delivery to  processing queue. Driver for  server are in  latest versionSoftware MT.

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For those who can not use a server MTB NK SL3 to calculate  NCK code, we propose to use our services - Unlock Nokia BB5 SL3 Log

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MTbox update


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New good updates software MT-Box Nokia 2.37.3 or MTB NK 2.37.3

In dogonku his and other new team, Tim Griffin has released the promised update that lets you work through the USB cable.

List of changes and updates in MT-Box Nokia 2.37.3:

Support for reading on a USB phone, Nokia SL3 RapuYama.

This update greatly simplifies SL3 unlocked phones.

A small manual for the reading of information to unlock the SL3:

- turn on your Nokia phone
- Connect your mobile via USB cable
- select OVI  mode or PC suite mode
- wait until the driver installation
- select a program of MT Box Nokia (abbreviated MTB NK) USB mode to connect
- press the program button "Phone info"
- if the drivers are installed correctly the program will display details information about connected phone
- to start  SL3 unlock or read a log file, click the tab SL3 BForce
- Click on "Read" and the program finds all the necessary data to calculate the NCK code

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MTB NK v2.37.2 MT-BOX Nokia 2.37.2

 In this update from Griffin Team fixed algorithm to RPL for Nokia BB5 phones
Starting with this version (2.37.2) MT Box Nokia supports local RAP3v4 SL unlock bruteforce method (LBF)

List of models:

Nokia 3710a-1 (RM-509)
Nokia 3710a-1b (RM-510)
Nokia 3711a-1 (RM-511)
Nokia 6303ci (RM-638)
Nokia 7230 (RM-604)
Nokia X3-00 (RM-540)
Nokia X5-2001 (RM-627)

Read via USB HASH for phones BB5 SL3 team promises to release after 3 days

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The new version for unlock SL3 - MT Box Local Brute Force Shell v0.3

Came a powerful update from the team Griffin - MT Box Nokia Local Brute Force  0.3

A list of all changes in the program SL3 unlock LBF Shell 0.3:

- Added full support for all HashCat LBF
- the program supports both the algorithm for calculating unlock code by LBF: ighashgpu and HashCat
- Added  full support for new video card ATI 6xxx series, Dual video GPU cards, Nvidia all cards)
- the program runs on Windows X86, Windows 64 and Linux 32 ..
- added functions to start, pause, stop
- there is a possibility in the program to add new tasks
- an automatic process should start the next calculation of unlock code after the current NSC code to calculate.
- Easy and quick removal of jobs in the queue
- the ability to create lists and maintain in separate files

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MT-Box Nokia SL20 002 Credits
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MT-Box Nokia SL20 020 Credits
MT-Box Nokia SL20 030 Credits
MT-Box Nokia SL20 050 Credits
MT-Box Nokia SL20 100 Credits
MT-Box Nokia SL20 200 Credits
MT-Box Nokia SL20 500 Credits

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New update MT BOX Nokia MTB NK 2.37.1

         Changed flashing algorithm via FBUS cable RAP3 phones
         Fixed SL20 RPL for phones RAPIDO Nokia BB5

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MT-Box Nokia SL20 Credits - Fast add credits to Box

MT-Box Nokia SL20 Credits - Time Reduced.


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