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21 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
sweet love your sl3 service. Codes are always correct. thanks
20 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
thank youu
10 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
wow great and fast service. took just 24 hours. great work. ill always recommend the service
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Updates of Infinity Box Content Extractor. Version 1.89 is available 

Announce about appeared of the new version for Infinity Box Content Extractor 1.89. You can learn with updates in the new version: 
  • Samsung smartphones - added support for contacts in another embodiment the platform Swift (E1100T); 
  • Samsung smartphone - updated list of tested models. 
Buy new activation for Infinity Box Content Extractor 1.89 you can of the following link - 
Activation for Infinity Box Content Extractor 1.89
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Infinity Box Content Extractor updated. Available version 1.74 

We offer a new version of Infinity Box Content Extractor 1.74. Updates in the version 1.74: 
  • smartphones SonyEricsson - fixed bug in displaying numbers in international format; 
  • smartphones Samsung - updated list of tested models. 
Buy activation for Infinity Box Content Extractor 1.74 you can of this link - 
Activation for Infinity Box Content Extractor 1.74
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Unlock iNQ mini 3G

For unblock your iNQ mini 3G from network provider need only correct IMEI

Time for recive NCK: 12 - 24 hour

For order use link: Huawei Unlock factory codes 


Unlock Huawei INQ 3G mini

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DC Unlocker - general information

DC-Unlocker client is the first software in the world specializing in unlocking the wireless 2G/3G/4G modems USB\PCMCIA form factor. Over time the model range has been expanded by mobile phones, smartphones, Wifi routers.

Today, DC Unlocker is supported by the more than 500 models of various devices and their variations of refurbishments, with the capability of being unlocked from the operator, read/record of refurbished ones (ISO image), IMEI recovery, NCK/SPC code reading, voice function activation, Security zone recovery.

DC Unlocker can work in two modes:


  • In the first case, the user has to download the software, acquires the required number of credits (account: name password on the DC unlocker credits page). The number of required credits varies depending on the device model. All the supported models are mentioned on the credit order page.
  • The second option is good for the private usage of the DC unlocker software - you purchase DC unlocker Dongle or activation on any of the Vygis\Rocker\Infinity\BEST boxes. The advantage of this option is that the unlock of the majority of models will be free, and unlock unlimited. You can order DC Unlocker dongle using the link.


Instructions on the application of the DC unlocker software:


Install the software (download DC unlocker for free), order account on the website, enter you login and password  that you received on the e-mail. Check that internet is working on your PC without firewalls and anti viruses, then click "Check login" to check if there are any credits on the account.

Then press the button of AutoSearch to define the device (all drivers should be installed in advance).

After the software determines the device, click the button "Unlock".

If you have done everything correctly, then the software would inform you about the successful completion of the process.


DC Unlocker errors that might occur in the working process:


  • Error code 21. Error 21 prevention: Check whether there is a software, which uses the modem at the given time, it there is one, then it should be closed, check whether there are any other launched programs for the unlock, restart PC and start over again.
  • Error 62 Error connecting to server ! - no connection with the server, turn off the antiviruses, firewalls, check the internet connection, change PC, change provider, and also your IP might be banned (contact the support service).
  • Error 17, access denied - your account is locked, probably you have entered the invalid password or may be there is a sniffer software, or various scanner programs...

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