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Z3X Samsung 2G tool 3.5.0024

Z3X team has released a new update Z3X Samsung tool.
With this update, works better with some phone models, Samsung, and also fixed some bugs, added new functionality. To use  program your box or card must be activated Z3X to work with Z3X Samsung. Learn more about opportunities Z3X click here, and learn how to activate Z3X Samsung tool.

List of changes and fixes in  new update Z3X Samsung Tool 3.5.0024:
GT-C3200 is now all operations including unlock this phone may carry a USB cable.
GТ-S3550 is now all operations including unlock this phone may carry a USB cable.
GТ-E2530 an opportunity to repair IMEI, unlock,  via USB or UART cable.
GТ-E2330 adds  ability to Direct Unlock (Unlock), repair IMEI via USB or UART cable.
GТ-S3310I added  ability to direct unlock - Direct unlock, change IMEI via USB or UART cable.
C3500 Fixed read unlock codes.

Z3X box \ dongle activations

To disclose all program features from Samsung Tool Z3X Team, such as unlocking, flashing, restoring Samsung phones must be activated Z3X Samsung tool.

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Update Z3X Samsung Editor Version 1.2

New models are available for editing language pack phones Samsung, images, fonts.

List of models added to the module Z3X Samsung Editor:

- Samsung S3650, S5510, S6700, S7070, S7550, Z170, Z240, Z360, ZV60
- Improved algorithm for handling phone content.
- Reduced processing time by changing the processing algorithm.

This update from Z3X free for all owners Z3X Samsung.

Z3X box \ dongle activations

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Software Z3X Team Z3X Box 14.09.2010 09:46

Z3X Box - General Information

Z3X Box - a device for unlock, flash, repair of mobile phones, phone code removal, repairing IMEI, read \ write NVM, etc. Samsung, LG, NEC, Benq, 3G Modem, China Editor (MTK, SPD ...)

Russian support program interface.
Pin compatible with Z3x Box cables Unibox

Product can supplied as boxing or key (card) with various activation.
On request, you can buy more later activate after purchasing Boxing \ dongle.

List of Activation Z3X box:

Z3X Samsung Tool
Z3X Samsung Extra (Qualcomm) Tool
Z3X Nec Smart Tool
Z3X China Editor
Z3X Benq Siemens Tool
Z3X Data Card Smart Tool (Free LG Box Bonus)

Z3X box \ dongle activations

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