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07 May 2019
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
I highly recommend their service !! very fast and functional 100% Thank you very much !!
21 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
sweet love your sl3 service. Codes are always correct. thanks
20 May 2018
Everything is fine. (I will advise this site to everyone)
thank youu
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Update for Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.6.5, v.1.6.6, v.1.6.7, v.1.6.8

New Octoplus FRP Tool Software released. Added new models.

Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.6.5  Added “Reset FRP” in a Test Mode for the following devices:

Accent Fast 7 3G
Accent Pearl A4
Accent Pearl A7
Accent Speed X2
ACE Buzz 1 Plus
ACE Urban 1
AG Hashtag 
AG-Tel P100
Alcatel A30 / Pixi 5 8" 4G Telus (OT-9024O)
Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4 (OT-6055P)
Alcatel OneTouch Pop 4 Plus (OT-5056W)
Alcatel OneTouch Pop Star (OT-5022X)
Alcatel Pixi 4 (6) (OT-5098S)
Alcatel U3 (OT-4049G)
Alcatel U3 (OT-4055J)
Alcatel U3A 7 Wi-Fi / 1T (OT-8068)
Alcatel U5 (OT-4047A)
Alcatel U5 (OT-4047G)
Alcatel U5 (OT-5044O)
Alcatel U5 Premium (OT-4047F)
AllCall Rio
Allview A10 Plus
Allview P10 Life
Allview P10 Life
Allview P4 Pro
Allview P7 Pro
Allview X4 Soul Mini
Altice S11
Amgoo AM509
Amgoo AM518
Archos 55 Helium Plus (AC55HEPLUS)
Archos Core 50 4G (AC50CR4G)
Artel Z5
Avvio A400
Axxa Pro
Azumi A50LT
Billow X703
Bitel B8506
Bitel B9504
Blackfox B5 (BMM 531A)
Blackview BV5800 Pro
Blackview BV9500
BLU Advance 4.0 L2
BLU Advance L4
BLU Dash L4
BLU Dash M2
BLU Dash X2
BLU Grand Mini 
BLU Life One X
BLU Neo Energy Mini
BLU Studio G
BLU Studio M HD
BLU Vivo XL2
Bmobile AX1074
Bmobile AX681
Bmobile AX685
Bmobile AX821
Bmobile AX960
Boost Jive 
Boost Pulse Retro
BQ Aquaris A4.5
BQ Aquaris M5.5
BQ Aquaris U Lite
BQ Aquaris U2
BQ Aquaris V Plus
BQ Strike Power Max 4G (5510)
Casper Via A2
Cell C Eclipse
Cell C Summit Plus
Cherry Mobile Flare HD 4 
Cherry Mobile Flare J1
Condor S5 Cristal
Coolpad Canvas (CP3636a) 
Coolpad Catalyst (CP3622A)
Coolpad Note 3 Lite (CP8298_I00)
Coolpad Note 5 (CP3600I)
Cubot J3
Datsun D5500
Dengo Clever
Diva QC-704G
Doogee S70
Doogee X20S
Doogee X50L
Doogee X6 S
Doogee X7 
Doopro C1
Doppio Fortune (SL505)
Doppio SG402
Echo Dune
EKO Star G55
Energizer Energy Plus (S550)
Ergo B504 Unit
Evertek EverGlory II
Evertek EverStar Pro
Evertek EverTrendy 4G
Evertek V5 
Evertek V8
Fero Vibe
GoMobile GO506
Haier L54
HiSense L675 Pro
HiSense U602 
Hotwav Cosmos 
Hotwav Magic 8
Huawei Y5 II / Maya (MYA-L03)
Huawei Enjoy 9 / Y7 2019 (DUB-AL00)
Huawei Enjoy 9 / Y7 2019 (DUB-AL20)
Huawei Enjoy 9 / Y7 2019 (DUB-L22)
Huawei Enjoy 9 / Y7 2019 (DUB-LX1)
Huawei Enjoy 9 / Y7 2019 (DUB-LX2)
Huawei Enjoy 9 / Y7 2019 (DUB-TL00)
Huawei Honor 8C (BKK-AL00)
Huawei Honor 8C (BKK-AL10)
Huawei Honor 8C (BKK-L21)
Huawei Honor 8C (BKK-LX1)
Huawei Honor 8C (BKK-TL00)
Hurricane Air 
Hurricane Ridge
Hurricane S43
Hurricane Sprint 
Hyundai E601F
Ibrit Speed X
Infinix Hot 5 Lite (X559F)
Infinix Hot 7 (X624)
Infinix Smart 2 (X5515F) 
Infinix Smart 2 HD (X609)
InFocus Vision 3 (IF9031)
InnJoo Fire 2 Plus LTE
Inovo I503 Finger One (I503)
Intex Aqua Craze 2
IPRO Jade 7s
Irbis SP511
Itel A43
Itel it1355
Itel it1409
Itel it1508 Plus
Itel it1516 Plus
Itel it1655
Itel S13
Jinga A400
Jinga Joy
LAIQ StarTrail 8
Lanix Ilium X120C
Lanix Ilium X220
Lanix Ilium X510
Lava R1 Lite
Lava Z60S 
Leagoo Lepad 7I
Leagoo M5 Plus
Leagoo T5
Leagoo Z1c
Lenovo A2010l36
Lenovo Tab 2 (A8-50F)
Lenovo Tab 2 (A8-50L)
Lenovo Tab 3 (TB3-850M)
Lenovo Tab 3 7" (TB-7703X)
Lenovo Tab 4 7 Essential (TB-7304N)
Lenovo Vibe B (A2016b30)
Lenovo Yoga tab 3 8" (YT3-850L) 
LP N-37
M4Tel Believe (M4 SS4451)
Masstel Juno Q3
Masstel Tab 7 LTE
Maxwest Astro Phablet 7s
Mediacom M-SP7xGO3G
Meizu M3
M-horse M1
Micromax Bolt (D340)
Micromax Canvas 1 (C1A)
Micromax Canvas Evok Power (Q4260) 
Mint Fusion
Mls F5 (iQGW516)
Mobell S60
Mobell Tab 7s
Mobicel Arc
Mobicel Hype 
Mobiistar C1 Shine
Mobiistar LAI Zoro 2
Mobistel Cynus F10
MobiWire Kwanita
Motorola Moto E5 Plus (XT1924-1)
Motorola Moto E5 Plus (XT1924-7) 
Movitel M8414
MTN Smart S750
Multilaser ML WI M7 3G Plus
Multilaser MS50G
Multilaser MS50M
Multilaser MS55M
myPhone Hammer Energy
myPhone Prime 18x9 LTE 
Myria Wide 2
Netsurfer FMT-NM7058-02
Newspice Spice F305
Newspice Spice V801
Noblex N503
Noblex N551
Nokia 5.1 (TA-1075)
NYX Mobile Shade
Oppo A39 (CPH1605)
Oukitel C11 Pro
Own Fun 5
Own Fun Value Lite
Panasonic P9
PCD 509
PCD PH4003
Phicomm Clue 2S
Philips S327
Philips Xenium (V526)
Polaroid Cosmo 550 (PSPC550)
Polaroid Cosmo K (P5006A)
Polaroid Turbo E (P4526A)
Posh Kick (X511)
Posh Volt LTE (L540)
Positivo S420
Premio 186HS1050531 
Qilive Q10S57IN4G 
Qilive Q8S6IN4G 
QMobile i6i
QMobile Q Infinity E
Sansui Fun
Sansui S50 (S451720)
Sky 55M
Solone Infinity LP5001
STF Block Go
STK Sync 5e
STK Sync 5z Plus
STK Transporter 1
Stylo Destiny
Stylo Luna
Stylo S50 Jade
Tech 4U Kronos
Tecno B1p
Tecno Cammon CX Air (CX Air)
Tecno L8
Tecno L9
Tecno P701
Tecno R8O
Tecno R8S
Tecno S1
Tecno S1 Pro
Tecno S6S
Tecno Spark Plus (K9)
Tecno W3
Tecno WX3P
Telenor Infinity E2 
Telenor Infinity I 
Telenor Smart 4G
Tesla Smartphone 6.1
Timovi Vision Pro
TP-Link Neffos C9 (TP707A)
TP-Link Neffos X1 Max (TP903A)
Ulefone Metal Lite
Ulefone U007 Pro
UMI London
Umidigi A1 Pro
Umidigi A3
Umidigi Z
Vertex Impress Life
Vertex Impress Wave 
Verykool Dorado (S5017Q)
Verykool Rocket (SL5565)
Verykool Royale Quattro (S5702)
Verykool SL5560
Vestel Venus E3
Vestel Venus V3 5580
Vivo V5 Plus (1611)
Vivo V7 Plus (1716)
VIWA Light Mini
VKworld Cagabi One
Weimei Neon
Wiko Harry 2
Wiko Rainbow Jam
Winnovo K43FO
Zoom Magnetic
ZTE Avid 4 (Z855)
ZTE Avid Trio (Z833)
ZTE Blade A3 (A3)
ZTE Blade A315 (A315)
ZTE Blade A330 (A330)
ZTE Blade A521 (A521) 
ZTE Blade A6 Max (A6 Max)
ZTE Blade V6 Max (V6 Max)
ZTE Blade V6 Plus (V6 Plus)
ZTE Blade V7 Lite (V7 Lite)
ZTE Blade V8Q (V8Q)
ZTE Extreme E8 
ZTE Grand X4 (Z957)
ZTE Prelude Plus (Z851)
Many new Samsung Combination firmwares were uploaded into the Support Area.
All supported operations are described in details in Software manual (“Help” button in Software).

Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.6.6  Added “Reset FRP” in a Test Mode for the following devices:

Accent Speed Y3
Acer Liquid Zest Plus (T08)
Alba 10 Nou
Alba 7 Nou
Alcatel 1X (OT-5059I) 
Alcatel A5A Plus 3G / 1C (OT-5009A)
Alcatel Pixi 4 (4.5) (OT-4060S)
Alcatel Pixi 4 5" 4G (OT-5145A)
Alcatel Pop 4 Plus (OT-5056U)
Alcatel Pop 4 Plus (OT-5056X)
AllCall S1 X
Allview A5 Easy
Allview A5 Ready
Allview P5 Pro
Allview P8 Energy Mini
Allview X2 Soul Style Plus
Alphatel T1
Altice S31
Amgoo AM415
Amgoo AM515
Archos 101c Copper (AC101CCV)
Archos 50d Oxygen (AC50DOX)
Archos Titanium (AC50TI)
Assistant Secret (AS-5433 Max)
Asus ZenFone Live (G500TG (Z00YD))
Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M2) (ZB631KL (X01BD))
Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M2) (ZB631KL (X01BDA))
Azumi IRO A4Q
Azumi IRO A55Q Pro
Azumi IRO A5QL
BGH Joy X5
Bitel B8416
Blackfox B4 (BMM 543D)
Blackview BV4000 Pro
Blackview BV5800
Blackview BV6800 Pro
Bling Kolmi
BLU Dash L2
BLU Dash L3
BLU Dash M
BLU E100
BLU Energy Diamond Mini
BLU Energy X 2
BLU Grand Energy
BLU R2 Plus
BLU Studio G2 HD
BLU Studio Max
BLU Studio Mega
BLU Studio View XL
Bmobile AX1071
Bmobile AX680 Plus
BQ Aquaris M4.5
BQ Aquaris X
BQ Canion (7022)
BQ Contact (5001L) 
BQ Strike Power Max (5594)
Casper Via E1
Casper Via V9
Celkon U
Cell C Empire
Cell C Evolve 
Cherry Mobile Flare J1 Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare S6 Lite
CityCall Life 4
CityCall Life X6
Coolpad A110
Coolpad E580
Coolpad Mega 5A (1821)
Coolpad Mega 5C (1803)
Coolpad N3
Cubot P20
DEXP Ixion MS650
DEXP Ixion XL150
Digicel DL1
Digicel DL2 XL
Digma Plane 7539E 4G
Digma Plane 7547S 3G
Doogee S60 Lite
Doogee X3
Elephone A4
Energizer Energy 400 (400)
Ergo A556 Blaze
Essentielb Smart Tab 1005
Eurostar Onyx-3
Evertek EverMiracle S
Evertek EverStar Nano
Evertek V5 Nano
Evertek V6
FERO Power 3
Fly Cirrus 3 (FS506)
Forme R7
Fourel EasySmart M1
General Mobile GM8
Gini S4 Pro
Gionee F205 Lite
GoMobile GO504
Greentel X1 Light
Greentel X1 Pro
Gretel GT6000
Gtel A713 Vivo Pro
G-TiDE Vans 9
Haier A45
Haier HM-G303-W (L52)
Haier L56
HiSense F30
HiSense Infinity Lite (D2)
HiSense T203
HiSense T965
HiSense U605
Huawei Y3 II / Luna (LUA-L03)
Huawei Y5 II / Honor 5 (CUN-L02)
Hurricane Curve
Hurricane Infinity 
Hurricane Wave Plus
Ibrit Power 6
Ibrit Speed Plus (SI52)
IKU i3
iLA E1
Image Mobile C001 
Infinix Hot 2 (X510)
Infinix Hot 3 (X554)
Infinix Hot 6 (X606)
Infinix Hot 7 (X624B)
Infinix Hot S3X (X622)
Infinix Note 4 Pro (X571)
Infinix Smart 2 HD (X609B)
InnJoo Vision LTE
Intex Aqua A4 Plus
Intex Aqua Super
Itel A45
Itel it1460 Pro
Itel it1556
iVOOMi iV 505
Kalley Black
Kalley Silver Pro
Karbonn A9 Indian
Klipad V356
Konrow Cool 55
Koolnee Rainbow
Kruger & Matz Move 7
Lanix Ilium X210
Lava A1
Lava A67
Lava Iris 60 
Lenovo A2010 (A2010-l)
Lenovo K8 Plus (XT1902-2)
Lenovo Lenovo Moto Tab 10" (TB-X704A)
Lenovo Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8" (YT3-850M)
Lenovo Phab Plus (PB1-770M)
Lenovo S1La40
LG G6 (US997)
Logicom C Bot Tab 70
Logicom Le Hello 
Logicom Power Bot 
Logicom VR Bot 552
Logicom VR Bot 552 Plus
M4Tel Feel Plus (M4 SS4458-R)
M4Tel M4 B2
M4Tel M4 SS4456
Masstel Juno Q5
Masstel Juno S6
Masstel Tab 10
Maxwest Astro X55 LTE
Mecer Xpress Smartlife 10.1" (MW16Q9 3G)
Mediacom M-PPAS520
Mediacom M-SP7MXA
Mediacom SmartPad Mx 10 HD Life (M-SP10MXHL)
Medion E4504
Meizu M5 Note
M-horse M2S
M-horse Pure 2
Micromax Canvas 2 Plus (C2A Plus)
Micromax Canvas Mega (Q353) 
Micromax Fashion 3G (Q3502)
Micromax Q402 
Mint Pearl Plus
MiONE Hero 5
Mirage 62S
Mito A990
Mls Royal 4G (iQ9806)
Mobell S51
Mobell S61
Mobicel Trip
Mobiistar C1 Lite
Mobiistar C2 
Mobiistar E1 Selfie
Mobiistar LAI Z2
Mobiola Neos
MobiWire Kaya
Motorola Moto G6 (XT1925-6) 
Motorola Moto Z2 Play (XT1710-01) 
MTN Smart Mini S620
myPhone myA11i
myPhone Pocket 18x9
myPhone Q-Smart Plus
Myria MY8300
MyWigo City 3
Navon Supreme Fine Plus
Nomi EVO M2 Pro (i5013)
Nuu A3
Nuu N5001L
NYX Mobile A1
NYX Mobile Glam
Orange Dive 30
Orange Race 1
Orange Tab 7 4G
Oukitel C10
Oukitel U16 Max
Pano Spark 4 Plus
PCD Libre 4G (508)
Philips S326 
Philips S358
Philips S359
Plum Compass 2 (Z518)
Polaroid Cosmo K Plus (P5526A)
Polaroid Cosmo P5s (P5046A)
Polaroid Turbo C4 Plus (P4525A)
Premio P490
Prestigio Grace S5 (PSP5551 DUO) 
Prestigio MultiPad Grace (PMT3157 3G)
Prestigio Muze C5 (PSP5510 DUO)
Prestigio Wize 3317 3G (PMT3317 3G)
Qilive Q8TIN4G
Qilive Q9S5IN4G
QMobile LT500
RCA Voyager III 7" (RCT6873W42)
Reeder M7 Go
Senwa LS55
Servicom Tab 3G II
Sky 5.0W
Sky Platinum A4
Starmobile Play Click LTE
STF Aerial
Stream B1 Plus 
Stylo Max
Stylo S61 Jazz 
Symphony INOVA
Symphony V130
Symphony V42 (thanks to Mr. MD Salim Khan)
Symphony V90 (thanks to Mr. Sujansel)
Tambo TA-1
Tech 4U I8
TechPad M6 Plus
Tecno C7
Tecno Cammon Sky 2 (IN1 Pro)
Tecno I5
Tecno N2S
Tecno N8S
Tecno Phantom 8 (AX8)
Tecno Pop 1S Pro (F4 Pro)
Tecno Pop 2 (B1)
Tecno Pouvoir 2 Air (LB6)
Tecno R6
Tecno SA6S
Tecno W3 LTE
Tele2 Midi
Timovi Insignia Delta 2
Titanic T-2 
Tmovi Shift
Touchmate TM-MID1020A
Touchmate TM-MID794C
TP-Link Neffos C5 (TP701A)
TP-Link Neffos C5 Max (TP702A)
TurboX S3
Uhans Max 2
Ulefone Armor 5
Umidigi Plus E
Vernee M5
Vertex Impress Disco
Verykool Bolt Pro (SL5029)
Vestel Dyno Light
Vestel Venus V4
Vivax Point X450
Vodafone Smart Mini 7 (VFD301)
Vonino Pluri Q8
Vonino Xylo Z
Walton Primo G8 
Walton Primo GM2 PLus 
Walton Primo GM3 Plus 
WE F20 
Wiko Jerry Max 
Wiko Kenny
Wiko View Go
Xgody Y19
Yezz 5E
Yezz Andy 5EL (5EL)
YU YU5014
Zatec ZPlay 1
ZEN Admire Curve Neo
ZTE Blade A0605 (A0605)
ZTE Blade A462 (A462) 
ZTE Blade L3 Lite (L3 Lite)
ZTE Blade L4 (T610)
ZTE Blade V7 Max (V0710)
ZTE Blade V9 Vita (V9 Vita)
ZTE Midnight Pro (Z828TL)
ZTE Nubia Z11 (NX531J)
Improved Reset FRP operation for:
Prestigio PSP3471 DUO (thanks to Mr. rusgard)
Many new Samsung Combination firmwares were uploaded into the Support Area.
All supported operations are described in details in Software manual (“Help” button in Software).

Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.6.7  Added “Reset FRP” in a Test Mode for the following devices:

Accent Pearl A5
ACE Buzz 1
ACE Buzz 1 Lite
Acer Iconia One 8 (B1-860A)
Advan E1C 3G
AG Flair
Alba 8 Tablet (8in)
Alcatel Idol 3 (OT-6045Y)
Alcatel Pixi 3 8" 4G (OT-9022X)
Alcatel Pop 3 5.0 (OT-5065A)
Alcatel U3 (OT-4055U)
Alcatel U5 (OT-5044I)
AllCall Tab 1 3G
Allview AX501Q
Allview P5 eMagic
Allview P6 Energy Lite
Allview P6 Lite
Allview P8 eMagic
Allview V2 Viper I
Allview X4 Soul
Allview X4 Soul Infinity Z
Amgoo AM402
Archos 55 Diamond Selfie (AC55DISELFIE)
Archos 70 Oxygen (AC70OXV2)
Archos 70c Xenon (AC70CXE)
Archos Alba 4 (AC40NE)
Asus ZenFone 2 (ZE500KL (Z00ED)) 
Asus ZenFone Max M2 (ZB632KL (X01AD))
Avenzo MOB4 4G
Avvio L800
Azumi IRO A6Q
Azumi Kirei A4 D
Bitel BPRO
Blaupunkt SM 01
BLU Advance 4.0 M
BLU Advance A4
BLU Dash X Plus LTE
BLU Energy X LTE
BLU Studio G Plus HD
Bluboo S3
Bmobile AX1072
Bmobile AX1073 Plus
Bmobile AX810
BQ Advance (5500L) 
BQ Intense (5005L)
BQ Mercury (5520)
BQ Next (5522)
BQ Velvet Easy (5000G) 
Bravis NB753 
Bundy Sweet 5 Plus
Casper Via M1
CellAllure Bolt Mega
Centric L3 (CM3331)
Centric P1 (CM3321)
Cherry Mobile Flare P3 Lite
Chuwi Hi 9 Air
Coolpad E570
Coolpad N3 Mini
Cubot X18
DEXP Ixion EL450
Digma Linx Race 4G 
Digma Plane 1713T 3G
Doogee S70 Lite
Doogee X11
Doogee X5 Pro
Doopro P5
Echo Fusion
Echo Horizon Lite Plus
Echo Stellar 4G
EKO Star G58
Energy Sistem Energy Phone Max 3 Plus
Energy Sistem Energy Phone Neo 2
Evertek V1 Max
FIGO Ultra / Prime (M50G)
Firefly Mobile Aurii Delight
Fly Cirrus 8 (FS514)
Fly Nimbus 11 (FS455)
Fly Stratus 4 (FS405)
Fourel EasySmart M3 Plus
Freetel FTU18A00
Ghia Zeus 3G
Gionee M7 Power
GoClever Quantum 2 550
GoMobile GO1004
GoMobile GO1452
Gtel X5 Plus
G-Touch Stella X
HighScreen Power Four
HiSense U963
HiSense U964
Hotwav M5
Hotwav Magic 6
Huawei Y3 II / Luna (LUA-U23)
Huawei Y5 II / Maya (MYA-L02)
Hurricane Epic
Hurricane Flint
Hurricane Fuse
Hurricane Pulse
Hurricane Sage
Hurricane Stella
Hurricane Surge
Hurricane Volt
Hurricane Vortex
Hyundai E551 Lite
Hyundai Eternity G25
Hyundai Ultra Link
Ibrit Z2
Infinix Hot 6 Pro (X608)
Infinix Hot S2 (X522)
InFocus M370
InnJoo Halo Plus
Intex Aqua FulVU E5
Intex Aqua Lions 4G
Intex Aqua S7
IPRO Kylin 5.0
IPRO Wave 4.0 II
Irbis SP401
Irbis TX89 
Iris Next P Plus
Iris Vox Live
Itel A23
Itel A41
Itel A44 Power
Itel Prime 4
Itel S21
iVOOMi i1
iVOOMi i1s
iVOOMi Me 3S
Jinga Pass 
Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva
Kiowa A5 Cristal
Klipad KL600B
Kruger & Matz Flow 4
Kruger & Matz Move 6 Mini
Lanix Ilium L910
Lanix Ilium X530
Lava A76 Plus
Lava A77
Lava A89
Lava Iris 80
Lava R1 
Lava X11
Leagoo Alfa 1
Lenovo K2 Note 
Lenovo PB2-690M 
Lenovo Tab 3 Plus (TB3-X70L)
Lenovo Tab E7 (TB-7104I)
Lesia Anova A5
Logicom ID Bot 53 
Logicom Le Must
Logicom M Bot 60
LP Prado
Lyf Flame 2 (LS-4004)
M4Tel Feel (M4 SS4453-R)
M4Tel Share (M4 SS4450)
Masstel Juno Q6
Masstel Juno S6
Masstel Tab 7 Plus
Masstel Tab 8
Mediacom M-PPxX555U
Mediacom M-SP10HXAH
Micromax Bharat 2 Plus (Q402 Plus)
Micromax Bharat 5 Infinity Edition (Q4204)
Micromax Bharat 5 Plus
Micromax Canvas 5 Lite (Q463)
Micromax Canvas Juice 4G (Q461)
Micromax Spark Go (Q409A)
Mito A880
Mivo Rio
Mls iQD700
Mls iQTab Life (iQ9013)
Mls iQTab Stage 4G (iQM1001)
Mobell Nova F3
Mobicel Vega
Mobiistar LAI Yuna 1
Mobiistar Zumbo Power
Mobiistar Zumbo S 2017 Lite
Motorola Moto G6 Play (XT1922-2)
Movistar X45i
Multilaser MS55
myPhone Fun 18x9
myPhone Hammer Active
myPhone Magnus
Navon Power Plus Pro
Netsurfer 16M4HI105024
Nomi EVO M4 (i5014)
Nomi Ultra 3 (C101012)
Nous NS5004
Nous NS5005
Nuu A1
Oale Apex 1
Orange Rise 33
Orange Rise 51
Oukitel C11
Oukitel C5 Pro
Oukitel K4000
Oukitel K5000
Oukitel K7000
Own Smart O2
Panasonic Eluga A3 Pro
Panasonic Eluga I3
Panasonic Eluga Ray 550
Panasonic T45 4G
PCD PH5003
Philips TLE722G
Philips Xenium (V377)
Philips Xenium (V787)
Pixus Touch 7 3G
Polaroid Cosmo L2 (PSPCL20A0)
Polaroid P4006A
Polaroid Turbo L5s (P5025A)
Positivo Twist M (S520)
Premio 186HS2080531
Premio Axe
Premio P700

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