Where to see your iPhone / iPad UDID identifier (2 methods)

Where to see your iPhone / iPad UDID identifier (2 methods)

Instructions how to find UDID identifier iPhone and iPad

Each device Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod and ATV) has a unique identifier UDID. He consisting of a random set of numbers and letters of the alphabet.

Example of Identifier UDID - nbf9673t8688t868t9e3308t6btbdd82ecpc8cbd.

You can search UDID code of iPhone:

  1. Open iTunes;
  2. Connect the device to your computer;
  3. Select the device in the section «Device»;
  4. Press the left button on the serial number, then it will change to your UDID mobile devices;
  5. You can copy UDID.


Video - How check UDID iPhone, iPad by iTools:

IMEI codes and UDID is needed to order service, allowing recovering the account ID of service iCloud. You can order the service on the link -

Apple iCloud ID Find Service

To remove the password, use the Account iCloud service -

Remove password of iCloud

Before ordering services, you can ALWAYS check on the iPhone by IMEI.

UDID Apple – instruction by definition UDID iPhone/iPad

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